An Unlikely Business Partner

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    This is cool, @mattpitts_atech. You're in good company, too! There are quite a few couple-powered businesses around here.

    Do you have any advice for couples who might be contemplating going into business together? How might they know whether this arrangement is a good idea for them?

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      Hi Ryan,

      My wife and me work best together because we come from completely different professional backgrounds. I was thoroughly trained in all aspects of tech business, innovating, developing, etc. during my time at Amazon/AWS. I also have a legal background, so that was a big advantage for getting the basics of business ownership going.

      My wife is a transactional accounting and bookkeeping expert. She is also advanced certified and at elite status in QuickBooks Online. To me, this was the perfect combination, because I knew Intuit had a full API for QBO. I knew we could build whatever we wanted because of her accounting skills and my tech/business/legal skills. That is why I am the CEO/CTO and she is the Principal Accountant. She is also an excellent salesperson, while I have intermediate digital marketing skills.

      So, my advice is to find out your partner's strengths and brainstorm on how to create something unique that solves a problem. Hope that helps!

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