Analyzed 500+ visitors by seeing where they hover on the landing page

We get a lot of feedback about content, design, and structure from this channel

When it comes to conversion optimization, real data is needed

I have been a happy Hotjar user because it allows me to visually understand how site visitors interact with the landing page. And I measure their movement to improve my next version

These components are playing a role in landing page navigation

  • Product logo with a back to home URL
  • Navigation bar to illustrate the full landing page structure
  • A short value prop. and 2 lines description to explain what my product does
  • Primary and alternate CTA to facilitate immediate action
  • Logos / social proof

See VenturesList is action: www.ventureslist.com

3 quick insights from the heatmap:

  • People avoid hovering over the illustration LOL
  • Navigation bar attracts the most attention
  • Freemium CTA has 2 times more hovers

If you would change one thing based on the heatmap. What would you do?

There's no right or wrong. Keen to hear your opinions!

  1. 2

    It's interesting that the freemium CTA has double the hovers even though it does not have the accent colour. What would happen if the freemium CTA got the accent colour?

    1. 1

      @Corstian it's a good observation! Sometimes it's not just about the color but also the microcopy. There's a little limitation with the landing page builder I use, but I will definitely consider other ways of drawing attention :)

  2. 2

    Side question: Do you see a relationship between where the cursor goes and where eyeballs go?

    1. 1

      Hey @blakerson good to see you here!

      At the moment, cannot. However, I can dig into the relationship between click, move and scroll. Is it something you're looking for as well?

      1. 3

        Likewise, homie!

        So, I should spell out my feedback a little more directly: I'm hesitant about heatmaps.

        That lack of connection is part of what makes me hesitant toward heatmaps when applied to mouse movement. I think it's a poor substitute for eyeball tracking, even though that tech is out of most people's reach, and that heatmaps like Hotjar conflate the two unfairly.

        Reading the heatmap, the data seems to be of mixed quality.
        (+) The higher action on "read free content" despite its secondary CTA styling suggest that that content has value and traction; maybe consider making it the primary CTA, etc.
        (-) A web analytics tool that doesn't track users' inputs could also have told you that just from navigational data. Everyone's bar for privacy is different but I am a little heebie-jeebie about capturing users' physical inputs.
        (-) What significance or learning is there in the hotspot in the white space above and to the left of the image?

        For me, that last point casts a shadow on the accuracy/value/validity of the data overall.

        Not to say that there isn't learning to be had, and definitely not saying you're doing anything wrong, I just wouldn't want an internet amigo to be led astray by their data.

        1. 1

          Great feedback. Learned something from your write up, here.

        2. 1

          Also, glad to see you've launched a content library! I'm riding the newsletter wave, myself.

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