Answer these 3 questions and I'll write your first cold email for you

I'm an expert in cold outreach, and I want to help! And learn.

If you're looking for new clients and are considering reaching out "cold" to your Ideal prospects, answer these three questions and I'll write your first cold email for you.

Suggested format:

  • Name of your firm
  • Website
  • Status quo of your prospects (what they're currently doing/using that your offer addresses (example: they use Trello and you offer a project management tool)
  • Implication: what's the main problem caused by their status quo?
  • Future state: what can they achieve for their business should they move forward with your offer?

Bring it on!

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    Hi Victor - @joradig speaks volumes on the magic you work into cold emails :-)

    • Funnelll
    • Funnelll.com
    • Startups and SMBs have a limited budget for marketing. They either choose to run their campaigns themselves and end up losing their money or hire "affordable" marketers who lose their money for them. We give them an online tool that links their existing marketing and ad accounts (like Google Analytics/Ads, Facebook, etc.) , unlocks data about their customers, and uses this data to give them actionable advice on how to manage their marketing campaigns in order to get more sales. No coding, complex integrations, or marketing know-how needed.
    • Implication: Wasted money, time, and a lot of frustration with their sales and marketing ROI
    • Future state: Visibility on the performance of their marketing campaigns and website, running better campaigns themselves, and getting more sales without having to increase their marketing budgets.

    Cheers :-)

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      Sherif, love this one!!

      Let's do this

      Day 1 - EMAIL
      Subject: Idea for {{Company}}

      Hi {{First Name}},

      Did some research about you and {{Company}} and (insert what you saw that's relevant to your value prop).

      If you're struggling to make your Ad dollars grow into more dollars, or if you've been burned by a " Funnel Consultant" before, I might have something for you.

      What if you could take the right, data-driven actions to optimize your marketing budget without relying on anyone?

      Would you like to explore?

      DAY 3 - EMAIL
      Same subject

      Hi {{First Name}},

      More marketing budget = more sales? Unfortunately, you might have realized, it's never that easy.

      What are you doing to optimize your marketing $ and make sure they give you the best return, without outsourcing or spending 9h/day consolidating your data?

      What do you think Sherif?

      1. 1

        Brilliant and I love it! I am trying this for my next campaign and will keep you updated.

        Thanks Victor @watus !

        1. 1

          @Funnelll fast forward a month after this, curious to know if you actually used it? Was it fruitful?

          1. 1

            Yes! You are a genius!

            We ran it on a small batch, got far more replies compared to our old copy, and closed our first customer from email campaigns! We are planning to run it on a much bigger audience during the next period.

            Thanks @watus!

        2. 1

          Sounds good please do let me know!

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    Hi Victor - go ahead! :)

    • Leadsie
    • leadsie.io
    • We help agencies get access to Facebook Business Assets (FB Page, Ad Account etc.) so they can run social media and ads for their clients - right now, they need to explain to clients via email or Zoom calls where and how to go to give access - wasting up to 1 hour per client (including pain to find a time etc) - we offer a 2 click solution with no explanation required
    • Implication: wasting time + if client does it themselves, they often dont get the right access (like they miss giving access to the Pixel, which means back and forth again)
    • Future state: 1) get started running ads (showing value) to their clients faster, which boosts probability of success and thus client retention 2) focus on what matters, rather than wasting time with explaining how to give access 3) appear professional/special by offering an unprecedented onboarding experience

    Thanks :)

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      Johannes, thanks for being a good sport! Since you're the first one, I came up with the first two copies of your sequence.

      Here goes, there's more where it's coming from if you need!

      Day 1 - EMAIL
      Subject: Intro {{First Name}} & Johannes

      Hi {{First Name}} - I saw (the portion you can personalize for each person specifically.)

      Remember last time on Zoom when you had to explain to a client how to give you access to their FB Ad account? I personally had to take Anger Management classes at some point.

      Is it a bad idea to start getting access to their FB Account in 2-clicks?

      DAY 3 - EMAIL (same subject)

      Hi {{First Name}}, if this conversation sounds familiar, will you let me know?

      • You: "In this call we'll have you give me access to you FB Ad account"
      • Client: "Sure, so where do I click?"
      • You: "Mind sharing your screen too?"
      • Client: "Sure, where do I click?"
      • You: "I also need access to this, this and this".
        An hour later
      • Client: "I forgot where to click"
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        Ha! Very nice, @watus!

        I saw (the portion you can personalize for each person specifically.)

        How "deep" do you go here? I have the experience that it's usually very obvious that it's an opener to create some kind of connection between you and the client, but usually not a very impressive one - especially at scale. So I wonder if it's better to scrap that and just get to the point? Or if not, do you have an example of something that does work at scale?

        Is it a bad idea to start getting access to their FB Account in 2-clicks?

        Do you include a link to the product, e.g. at least in the signature?

        Really good stuff!


        1. 1

          @joradig fast forward a month after this, curious to know if you actually used it? Was it fruitful?

          1. 1

            Hi Victor @watus - we've actually paused our cold emailing, so I haven't been able to test this properly. I did send a variation of your email to a very small number of people - but the context was slightly different (around partnerships). Still, really appreciate your help on this and giving me another perspective.


            1. 1

              @joradig sounds good, all the best!

        2. 1

          @joradig I have a reasonable amount of data that shows that personalizing your emails increases reply rate but I agree, you don't have to go too crazy about it. My go to is checking their LinkedIn activity or Insta or anything that they authored lately and find a relevant piece of content. If you're using an automation tool (shameless plug for makesales.io) it should typically take you 3 min per person (I timed myself!). 3 min well spent.

          As far as the product goes, your signature should give these information.

          But down the line, on touch point 3 and up, I would start introducing your product and its benefits.

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    Hi Victor!

    • Matchfluence
    • https://www.matchfluence.com
    • Small businesses find it hard to discover influencers for marketing campaigns. They currently do so by manually searching social media and using excel to track it. Our platform allows them to search for and manage influencers.
    • Discovery is hard because brands want find influencers who can represent them well and hold similar values. The influencer's relationship with their community is also an important factor. Quantitatively, businesses want to know what an influencer's engagement with their community is.
    • Unlock a new marketing channel that is currently only available to the Nike and Coca Cola's of the world. Successfully market your business and track the return on investment.
    1. 1

      what do you think ?

    2. 1

      @suvamsh alright alright alright! First, I love your product! I actually registered, found that you had not registered "B2B" as a keyword for example.

      Nonetheless, here's what I got for you. I went with a different angle for you, more on the education part cause in my opinion not everyone knows that they can use these influencers to promote their stuff, so I'd intrigue them more on the idea of using influencers on email 1 and then taking the advantage of your firm to do so

      Let me know what you think!

      Day 1 - EMAIL
      Subject: Influencing your future clients?

      Hi {{First Name}} - {{PERSONALISE using something relevant about them you found online}}.

      When your future clients think about {{Company}}, they think about the values you promote and identify with them.

      What if you could use someone's followers (1k-10k) to talk about {{Company}} while making sure that they share your values too?

      DAY 3 - EMAIL
      Same subject

      Hi {{First Name}} - how do you stand out with {{Company}} when everyone is using the same channels (Facebook, email, display) to raise awareness?

      Have you considered placing {{Company}} where your potential clients hang out?

      Finding the right person, with the right set of values and a decent community can be tricky though.

      But you don't have to be Coca Cola or Nike to be smart about your product placement.

      Would you like to explore?

    3. 1

      Haven't forgotten about you! Hopefully I'll be able to to it today

  4. 1

    Onyx Growth SEO and Growth agency

    Onyx-growth.com (being rebuilt since I am rebranding)

    My prospects are either putting too much effort into the wrong type of marketing on the wrong platform (example: construction content on Instagram when they most likely need to be running paid ads or going hard on SEO). Or not having a marketing strategy at all and letting their website, social media’s sit idle and unoptimized.

    We get the ball rolling by turning the website, social media into a lead generation powerhouse. We find the right fit and cater to their business, to put them in front of their ideal customers.

    1. 1

      hi @GabeSolo thanks for participating! definitely a service I'd need here at some point :)

      Tried to go on your website for more content/angles to use, doesn't look like it's up, is it?

      I'm looking for something that makes your business really unique, your industry being a crowded one

      1. 1

        Yeah my site is not up yet since I have rebranded with a new name.

        1. 1

          that's not a problem

          Would you mind expanding on what makes your value prop unique? are you catering to a specific type of company? anything special in your approach?

          1. 1

            Not really, no gimmicks or fluff. Results driven. Catering to Saas, IT, and start ups.

            1. 1

              @GabeSolo not trying to be that guy, but I'd really encourage you to find an angle. Since I started makesales.io, I've received tons & tons of requests for similar services. They all sounded super generic which is a major turn off for a lot of people.

              If you were to focus on one vertical, which one would it be? and within this vertical, what's the #1 problem you solve? What's the title of the people you typically talk to? What can they expect in terms of results/future state the moment they do business with you?

              with all these, I should be good to deliver on my promise!

              1. 1

                I get what you are saying sometimes it's just a little difficult to come up with an angle for boring ol SEO and Paid ads, and content creation.

                But let's see.... Let's focus on IT companies. I usually get in contact with the founder, CMO, or CEO (I try to work with smaller IT companies so mostly founder or even owner.)

                I guess I do have an angle of trying to be as super specific with what type of customer the IT company wants to do business with. That way each move is calculated, the keyword research, content, copywriting all serves a purpose of not just getting your website or business more organic traffic but traffic that converts into paying customers. And whether it be SEO or paid ads we try to be as efficient and as fast as possible.

                Whoo, I hope that's good enough for what you need. Can't wait for your response.

                1. 1

                  @GabeSolo thanks for hanging in there, here we go!!

                  Day 1 - EMAIL
                  Subject: Idea - {{First Name}} & GabeSolo

                  Hi {{First Name}} - {{PERSONALISE using something relevant about them you found online}}.

                  How do you differentiate yourself from the other IT Service providers?

                  The same way I differentiate myself from everyone trying to bring you more clients with {{Company}}: by choosing the top 3 options out of the millions available for a specific need.

                  Would you like to unpack?

                  Day 6 - EMAIL
                  Same Subject line

                  {{First Name}} - everyone can setup a lead generation campaign, just like everyone can setup a Disaster Recovery Plan.

                  But setting it up the "right" way? Different ball game.

                  I checked your online presence with {{Company}}, you don't need "more people on your website", you just need the "right" ones.

                  Would you like to chat about a "New Clients" Recovery Plan?

                  1. 1

                    Just now seeing this for some reason. But these are awesome. Day 6 is the second email in the sequence? Do you recommend spacing them out that far? How can I get more info from you lol?

                    1. 1

                      yes I do! let's chat though if you want victor AT makesales DOT io !

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