Anti-procrastination product LP feedback request

I gradually change this LP since April'21, so that's the last iteration.

How clear is it about what problem the product solves? Is it clear how? Does this resonate with you if you have a problem with procrastination?

Your feedback is hugely appreciated.


Some project milestones https://www.indiehackers.com/product/woond

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    Looking good! I've given you some detailed feedback here: https://www.loom.com/share/23680ecd1c0e4919b6ba90303d5a2718

    It's mainly about turning the page to be more user focused :)

    Hope it helps!

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      Fantastic review: detailed, insightful, and actionable! Thank you so much.

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    I think you have nailed the understanding of your target audience. Your texts touch specific fibers that really resonate with the situation they're in.

    Now, I think the approach should be more from a comprehensive side. Being more gentle, and avoiding trying to make people feel guilty.

    No one wants to be reminded of how bad they are doing things and how the clock is ticking. They already know that, and they repeat it on their head every day.

    They want to hear the answer. How they can be a better version of themselves.

    Besides that, in terms of design, it's fine if you don't want to put a CTA on the ATF section. What you can do, is bringing up the next section a bit, so you can barely see it on the ATF, and you'll want to scroll down to complete that image or text.

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      Hi, thanks for your detailed feedback! I'll def think those texts over.

      What's the ATF btw?

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        ATF stands for Above The Fold.

        It is a term retrieved from the way newspapers are folded. It is the section of news that is visible without the need of opening it up.

        In web design, it is kind of the same thing. "Above the fold" is used to refer to the portion of a webpage that is visible without further scrolling. Below the fold, being the opposite.

        The standard ATF section has a Headline, a copy, the main Call to Action (with a button), and a Hero image. For example, take a look at my website: https://abtesting.ai.

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    I had a brief look through your site and put together some content feedback and some points to improve your design (my area of expertise). I hope it helps!

    • The arrow to show people to scroll down is below the initial loaded viewport, so unless people scroll, they won't see the icon that tells them they need to scroll...
    • I was confused by your branding. I thought it was blue, but you have a lot of turquoise CTAs and backgrounds.
    • You might want to add a few more testimonials. Something that will also improve your credibility is to link to the persons website or Linkedin to prove they are real (with permission of course!).
    • The 'why it works' section is imbalanced. If you have three columns of content they should be around one to two paragraphs at the same length. Columns two and three are too content heavy for columns.
    • The 'Terms & Conditions' link in the footer needs some spacing around the ampersand. I don't know why there's a lot of space below that list of links either.
    • Your introductory line could be shortened and still get across the information, such as: "Get tremendous results with our online course in just 10 minutes per day."
    • Some of the font sizes could be reduced on mobile, they take up a lot of the screen and create a horizontal scroll in some places.
    • The $35 option has tiny text on mobile.
    • Bullet points seem off on mobile in the 'What's inside' section.
    • At the end of the free survey it's not clear what's happening. Why do you want my details and why are you going to contact me? If you said 'Fill in your details if you need help and advice' I would be more inclined to provide them if I needed help.. Or take this as an opportunity to suggest one of your packages based on the users answers: 'Looks like you procrastinate a lot, we think you'll get the most from our platinum package!'.
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      Greetings, colleague (I worked as a graphic designer and art director for many years in my past life), and many thanks for your comments. I agree that there are flaws in the design; I simply haven't paid attention to it tbh. It'll happen eventually.

      The $35 column is a page builder glitch; I'll figure it out.

      Bullets serve as dividers in the What's inside section.

      In regard of horizontal scrolling, what mobile device do you use? I'll file a claim with the LP builder provider support team as it's a significant bug. My iPhone renders it flawlessly.

      Regarding the survey, I'm sending all the info on a result etc. in a reply email because the count is done off-site. I'll explore if it's possible to implement that directly on the landing page using third-party solutions.

      Fixed some issues right away :)

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        That always happens to me. I rush to get something out, but I do come back to fix the design eventually.

        Don't worry about the scrolling. Reducing the font sizes has fixed this, it's fine now.

        Glad I could help :)

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