Anti-procrastination tool

Hey folks! This is the release of version 1.1 of a product aimed at overcoming procrastination or the inclination of constantly putting things off.


The product is constantly evolving. This is aided by the analysis of user feedback as well as my ongoing psychology and neuroscience research. In this version, the emphasis shifts to achieving an immediate and meaningful result, which will aid in taking the most important step of all: getting started.

This, in my experience (I was a chronic procrastinator for years), as well as experience of v1.0 customers, is the primary physical challenge that the procrastinator faces: he/she simply sits and does nothing with some particular task(s) for days, weeks, or months.

My primary goal is to give people a powerful tool that will unlock their ability to just start doing things no matter what.

I'd love to hear some feedback from you, folks. Is it clear what problem does this product tackle, who is it for? If you're familiar with chronic procrastination - does it trigger your interest?

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    In terms of Problem-Solution Fit there is already a lot of evidence that procrastination is a serious problem that many of us have. Regarding the solution, I agree with the comment about the need to better explain what Woond is. The first time I looked at your website I thought that it was an anti-procrastination coaching program but, further down on your website, you mention that it's "an online tool that you can use on any device". Maybe use something like Invision or Marvel to create an MVP and include some screenshots of the app in your website. If visitors don't get what you are trying to do quickly you will get a very high bounce rate. I recommend a stronger Call to Action, with a valuable Lead Magnet, in order to get P-S Fit evidences and start building your email list.

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      100% agree on that. Just posted a new picture with app screenshots.

      I'd be appreciated if you could explain your "stronger CTA" point.

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    It sounds nice, but I can't view the product anywhere!

    Sure it triggers my interest. But I think it could be shown rather than explained in such detail. People tend to react better when you just show them how it solves their problem rather than tell them.
    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for your feedback!

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      What problem does this product tackle, who is it for? If you're familiar with chronic procrastination - does it trigger your interest.

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