Growth February 14, 2020

Any advice on getting the first users?

Max @maximal

Finding new users is something that I always struggled with in my projects and with the project I am currently working on, it's not an exception.

My current project is targeted for Spanish learners and will help them learn and practice Spanish through writing.

What would you do to grow users for projects like this?

Any ideas are welcomed!

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    Very nice design!
    Do you personally know anyone learning Spanish? Trying to get them to use it first is easiest.

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    1. Speak to schools, colleges and university language departments

    2. Build an email list: create free guides/ebooks on learning Spanish and give them away in exchange for email address and then put prospects into a drip campaign sending them daily Spanish tips with a call to action to sign up to your service

    3. Find communities and establish yourself there as a value-provider, like the IndieHackers of speaking Spanish, - maybe there are digital nomads living in Spain and want to learn the language

    4. Run paid ads: target Spanish learning communities on Reddit or run FB ads to people interested in learning to speak Spanish

    5. Find other businesses that also serve your market and partner with them. Perhaps there's a complimentary service that already has an established email list - you could reach out to them and offer to provide their readers with an offer on your service

    Nice landing page btw :-)

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      Thank you so much @kylegawley for such a comprehensive answer. Partnering with someone definitely sounds like an interesting idea.

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    Qué bueno! Estoy estudiando por mi cuenta y no te lo voy a negar que hay beneficios de escribir (I probably made a mistake or two there)

    Beautiful design! I am learning Spanish by myself and couldn't agree more with you about the benefit of writing in your target language. An IHer told me Youtube Ads were very effective for him to target people who search for language learning videos.

    Besides Reddit there is also a very active Eng-Esp Discord server.

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      Thank you @indiepanda , didn't even think about Discord

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    Reddit Reddit Reddit is amazing for your first 100 users. Have achieved that multiple times

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      Also love your design, well done!

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    When I was in middle school, we set up pen pals. You could target Spanish teachers and see if you could have them use it with their students.

    Side note: I'm thinking of starting a newsletter with a detailed stories on getting each individual user. Would that be something that would interest. Aka, people getting their first users. Second, hundredth, thousandth, etc.

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    Run online ads on IG/Facebook/Linkedin