Any Beta Launch Tips? (Need Marketing Advice)

Hi All,

Since the pandemic started, I've noticed that Slack and other tools such as MS Teams have been huge productivity killers so I set out to build an opinionated communications tool that enforces best communication practices so that hybrid and remote teams can maximize productivity.

I launched the closed beta today and got a couple users signed up, but not sure where to go from here in order to get enough users for a successful beta.

Any thoughts?


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    Try promoting your product in communities that are related to your target market. This should help: https://airtable.com/shroJUnvPdjnCYzhm ping @xavie@[email protected]

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      Thanks for the link. This is definitely helpful :)

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    Hi, you could incentivize people that already signed up to "tell a friend/colleague". I noted that you have Twitter, DM people within this space about your product. (I just followed you on Twitter). You could try Product Hunt.

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      Thanks for following :) and I took your advice for Product Hunt. I just made the product page (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/vork-beta)

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