Any beta testers for a no-code platform?

FlowFrames: no-code single page forms, calendar events, lists and link groups.

Finally, the closed beta is online. I should now start looking for beta testers. I am now building a knowledge base and putting together some quick-start tutorials but I guess I won't publish them until someone actually tests the product without any guidelines. Any beta testers out there?


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    Would love to try it out, but the 'apply to join link' doesn't work at all.

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        Ah, only social logins, that's a no go from me. Ping me if you add email signups instead.

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          yeah I wanted to be as easy as possible (oauth login) so there wouldn't be any friction with stored user data, password recovery etc. I am currently building a Single Sign On with just email address so I'll ping again in a couple of days to see if u still have the time/interest in testing.

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