Dribbble July 24, 2020

Any Dribbblers out there? 👋

Brayden 👋 @BraydenTW

Hey IndieHackers! 👋

Let me know in the comments below if you have a Dribbble account.

I started a Dribbble group on IH so designers can meetup with others to discuss related topics.

Join the group here: https://www.indiehackers.com/group/dribbble

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    I haven't posted in years, and plan to start uploading again once I do a rebrand at the end of summer.. but here it is:


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      Good for you! I think your most recent post looks pretty awesome! 💪

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        Thanks! I have a few MP4's recently, but without Pro account, think they aren't shown :)

        Love your shots too!

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    I post shots from time to time, but I can't start doing it systematically🤷‍♂️

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          You're very welcome! Wish you luck :)

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    Yes! This is my (company) account: https://dribbble.com/krafted. What's yours Brayden? I'll happily follow you and like some shots :)

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      Followed, nice shots. If I may ask, does posting your products on Dribbble help sales?

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        the agency that I used to be at had most of its inbound sales through Dribbble. But they had a good niche of more enterprise product design, which Dribbble had less of back then. I don't know if that has changed over the years or not.

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        Thanks! Posting on Dribbble doesn't help with a ton of sales directly for us. It can land backlinks and exposure though.

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        Gave you some Dribbble luv :)

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    Hello everyone, it's nice to find dribblers here in such an amazing community. it's been more than a year I guess since I uploaded shot on the dribble. I would be excited enough to get connect with everyone here. Cheers! 🙋‍♂️

    Profile - https://dribbble.com/shouravchy1

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      Awesome! Hope you feel welcome.

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      You're welcome! Nice stuff btw, just followed :)

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    Hey yo IndieHacker Dribbblers 👋

    I'm only new enough to IndieHackers, I joined less than a week ago. Can't believe I never joined till now as I've learned so much over the last week 🙂

    Here is my Dribbble account, I'm pretty active when I get the chance to make the shots pretty enough for Dribbble 🙈😂


    Anyway, peace and love ✌️

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      Cool! Gave you a follow :)

      Hope you feel welcome!

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    Haven't posted since '17 but I still visit every couple days for inspiration.

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    I have to post but never find the time to do it...


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      Even if you dedicate a bit of time every once in a while, great things can still come 😉

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    Well, yeah. I am in the begining of my road on Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/semy

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      Me too (one post so far), gave you a follow. Your HANDZ project looks slick.

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      Congrats! Hope you feel welcome :)

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    I think we ate already following each other. Bit I have around 420 shots.


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      No worries! I 💗 the design called "Nyx"!

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    Hey, yup. Developer wannabe designer here, guess I'm a benchwarmer 🏀 but trying out Figma and will finally post something since joining in 2016 https://dribbble.com/fitzmode

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      Hey, I sent you an invitation to full join

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        Oh, wow! Thanks so much!

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      Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    I’m looking to use dribbble and joined your IH group. My Dribbble account is empty right now, but it will be https://dribbble.com/visiwig

    How has the platform helped you most?

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      Thanks! I just drafted you :)

      It has helped me find some clients that I can do work for (website design, Figma, logos) and also has worked well as my design portfolio I can show others.

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        Awesome, thank you so much for the invite! Dribbble is going to be part of my marketing strategy, so I was worried about how I was going to get drafted.

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          Sounds good! Wish you luck :)

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    Wow. I checked my account and saw this Member since Nov 2012 and I got only 6 shots. 🤦‍♂️ It's going to be filled by the next month.
    https://dribbble.com/anilkilic don't look at it now!

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