🇳🇱 Any Dutch projects here? 🇳🇱

Anybody from The Netherlands here? I am wondering how many IH are dutch and what you're working on?. Maybe after COVID-19 we could meetup?

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EDIT: EVENT IS PLANNED AT 20-11-2020, see more here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/event-co-working-pitches-and-drinks-in-eindhoven-9aa90485b8

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    Hey, tall Dutchy from Groningen here 👋🏻

    I'm currently working on Mindwave.app, previously co-founder at srprs.me (you probably know that one ;) I'm in for an Indie Hackers meetup later this year 🍻 Cheers!

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      Hi! Nice to "meet" you! Srprs.me definitely sounds familiar, did you sold it or why is it your previous project? I'll also give Mindwave a try, seems cool! Good luck!

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        I'm an inactive shareholder atm. I'm more comfortable with a sustainable growth mindset (grow at own pace and terms) and wanted to explore if I could be a product maker and bootstrap my own product instead.

        Please do give Mindwave a try. Happy to hear your feedback on it!

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          This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    🙋🏻‍♂️Hey there! Yes, 🇳🇱 Dutchie but living in the 🇺🇸 US...

    Working on a couple of projects, mostly no/low-code informational (newsletters as main communication) and private community.

    And now realize that I need to update my profile here... thanks for the reminder!

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      Same here! Moved to the US a little over 20 years ago but still have a lot of family in The Netherlands.

      Currently working on Rad Letters, a site that aggregates a lot of newsletters and will soon have a few interviews with newsletter writers/curators.

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        Cool! What approach do you use for the interviews? how do you reach out?

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          Still experimenting with the approach for the interviews but mostly just want the reader to get to know the person, what the newsletter is about, and how they are operating it.

          I've been emailing a few of the people that have submitted newsletters through the "Add newsletter" form.

          I see you're running a few newsletters yourself, feel free to email me if you have any interest in being interviewed! 😃

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    I'm from South Africa living in Utrecht (and can speak some Dutch)👋🏼 tinkering with a few (not so serious) things at the moment. Would definitely be keen to meet up after the pandemic😎

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      Cool! Would love to hear what you're working on. Maybe write a post about it? Always fun! If interest keeps rising I'm gonna organise a meetup after COVID and will be sure to invite you!

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        Yes that would be great!

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    A Dutch speaking neighbour from Belgium here 👋 I'm currently working on a big soccer blog/fan community. But i'm looking for a partner for a new challenge/project (no concrete plans yet). If anyone is interested, hit me up!

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      Hi Siemen! Nice to "meet" you, hope your doing well accross the border. Have you checked out the partner section? It's a section where people are looking for partners for cool projects. I also followed you, mind following back? Good luck!

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    Not from the Netherlands, but I am a native Dutch-speaker
    I’m from 🇸🇷 👋

    Btw I miss being in the Netherlands (zucht)
    My fav city there is Rotterdam

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      Interesting! How come you're a native dutch speaker but not born in the Netherlands? Now I am curious...

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        The official language here is Dutch ...

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          Ah.. I totally misinterpreted that flag.. Mijn schuld 🙊

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            Geen probleem/No problem

            This is the project I’m working on:

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              Looks cool! I saved it for whenever I need a SMTP server. Good luck!

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    Present! 🙋🏻‍♂️

    I only joined IH recently, but I'm working on a course for knowledge workers which I want to launch this summer. I started my career as a teacher and then decided I liked the business world more. Now I have 8 years of working experience in corporate IT but can't wait to branch out on my own.

    I'm based in Amsterdam (Oost) and would love to meet up once things open up again. Who knows we can have a meetup outside this summer? (less restrictions here)

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      Nice to "meet" you! And nice to read you found your way. Eight years in corporate IT is impressive and must give you some kind off advantage.
      If interest keeps rising I'm gonna organise a meetup and will be sure to invite you! I also followed you, mind following back? Good luck!

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    Yup 🙋‍♂️,

    I'm living somewhere in-between Rotterdam and Antwerpen (so pretty far away from all the nice meetups), and I'm building flight analysis software for general aviation pilots.

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      Hi Corstian! I actually think I've heard about your project before, but can't remember how and when. Anything you're doing around Eindhoven?
      Anyways, I also followed you, mind following back? Good luck!

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        Cool! Might be because of a tech talk about GraphQL API's with C# I did last year in Eindhoven?

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    Does a buitenlander living in The Netherlands count? 😅 I'm based in Amsterdam, decided to start an indie side project some two years ago, I finally launched it recently!

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      Congratulations! Big step there, good luck! Amsterdam has some nice places to work as a startup founder, do you know https://www.seats2meet.com/?

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        Thanks! I haven't had the opportunity to go there yet, pandemic and all, but my wife worked from there a few times earlier in the year and also highly recommended it, I'll definitely check it out once it's safe again!

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    Awesome, this is nice! Didn't expect Dutchies to be active here :) Bit late to the party I see, but I'm Dutch as well!

    Last year I left a startup I founded (software studio) to play the startup game. Currently working on CodeSkillz: introducing digital skills in high schools.

    Due to lower traction than expected (Covid..) I might need to put it temporarily on hold till the market stabilises. Maybe I'll do something else in the mean time, as long as it strokes with my personal mission: Creating awesome things with beautiful people.

    Anyone willing to share stories about how Covid affected your (Dutch) business?

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    Great! Was looking for something like this on IH! Just launched a Dutch marketplace for side projects. Let me know what you think! Sideproject.nl

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      Hi Jonass! Nice to "meet" you. I actually already visited your site before, I think I saw something on Facebook. Maybe through Young Creators?

      Anyway, make sure to checkout this link: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/event-co-working-pitches-and-drinks-in-eindhoven-9aa90485b8

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    Hoi Marijn, I'm also based in NL (Rotterdam). I'm working on shipright.co, happy to connect online/offline!

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    I totally missed this thread but it would be cool to meet up with some other Dutchies, either online or offline :-)

    I'm based in Rotterdam and working on https://targetaudience.app. Hope to see some of you guys/girls soon!

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    Wow! It's druk hier. Another dutchy based in Haarlem. 👋 Totally up for a post corona meet up! Even now with some healthy distance.

    I'm a standalone technical marketing consultant with a deep background in SEO. Now working on a market research saas solution besides the consulting.

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      Hi! Hope to meet you soon :)

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    @marijnroukens any plans to organize a meetup or something ? I can help on organizing an online event and setting a structure etc. I was also thinking that would be nice to organize somehow the dutch indie hacking community and meet on a regular basis 😃

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      Hi Jim! Unfortunately not yet, I would like to go for an offline event as I do not have any experience in setting up online events. I also preffer offline for meeting new people. But ofcourse feel free to take the lead in this and setup and online event!

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    Hi Marijn, Belg hierzo!

    Just launched an organic marketing agency and working for a non-profit in the ICT4D scene ('Smartschool' for the less fortunate).

    What are you up to?

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      Hi Simon! Nice to "meet" you! Sounds interesting, where can I read some about your marketing agency concept?

      I'm working on a branding agency in Eindhoven!

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        I'm curious! care to share me your website so I can have a look?

        Info found on www.adsomojo.com - curious to know your thoughts about it. Pas vorige week live!

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          www.dienox.nl is our website, we're working on a new version of it but this is what we have so far :)

          Your website looks good man! I love the no-nonsence style and just straight to the point. One thing I saw; on the portfolio page you have this background of all birds, It's a little bit off with the rest of the website and the contrast with the project is not good. Besides that it looks really cool man! If your only live for a week you did a damn good job.

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    Native dutchie here, a meetup with all kind of founders sounds like a good idea. It is always fun to talk with new people and maybe we are able to help each other out. :)

    I'm currently working on Astogi.com It is a integration to connect Asana.com with Bitbucket and/or Github.

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      Nice to "meet" you! Your product looks good, one tip to maybe increase conversion on your website; when pressing try for free, only require an email address. Send the user straight into the app after entering the mail address and after that ask them to enter a password. This increases the change of them looking around.

      I'll let you know when a meetup is organized, and I would also love to help you out with anything so just let me know :) I also followed you here on IH, mind following back? Good luck!

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        Thanks for your reply! Registering without a password is something that I've been thinking about, but since no one is doing it I figured there must be a reason. I put it back on my to-do list! :)

        A follow-back isn't possible since I already followed you before ;)

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    Hey 👋 I'm originally from Greece and living in Netherlands for 3.5 years now (Utrecht). Some days ago I decided to quit my job and fully focus for 12 months on indie-hacking. My plan is to document and share my journey and see how it's going to roll out. You can also follow my journey here https://www.getrevue.co/profile/jimzarkadas

    I would also love to meet the Dutch community offline or even online with a Zoom gathering 🙂

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    Hi there,

    I'm from the Netherlands. Currently building a Project Management CRM without code. Would love to launch it within 30 days from now. Working on the side-project for about 2 hours per day.

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      Hi! That sound pretty sweet, let me know when you launch. Would love to try it out! Maybe write a post about it to get some early feedback? Anyway, I also followed you, mind following back? Good luck!

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        I will definitely keep you posted marijn!

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    Hi Marijn, nice to meet you! 👋

    I mainly work on blockchain stuff. Based in Amsterdam.. I recently launched a meetup group for 'IH-like' people, who want to work on thru side-project. Meetups have been going remote so far, but hope we can do a live-version sometime soon.

    Check out the WKND Project Amsterdam http://meetu.ps/c/4yVZD/krs6l/a

    What are you working on?

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      Hi man! I'll be sure to join the meetup group, sounds cool! When COVID-19 is over I would love to meet. Curious to see your work. I am currently working in my design agency where we have last week signed our first international customer (yay), and besides that I'm active in e-com and always trying to launch my next SaaS idea (this time it's this one: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/validation-a-wireless-time-machine-backup-saas-3e3555e130

      1. 1

        That's great. And congrats on landing your first customer. Big step!

        Let's see if we can get that meetup anytime soon. I'd be happy to collaborate or co-organize.

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