Any experience with sharing stats on Twitter?

I'm trying to develop my account on Twitter. I spend a lot of time doing this (300 followers and growing + nice engagement). I aim to have community and not just an audience so I try to interact with people following me, to talk with them.

I also spend way too much time tracking all kind of analytics.

So I wonder if there would be any good of share those analytics with my followers.

I think I would share each month stats for:

  • top 3 articles from my blog by views,
  • how many people followed me,
  • how many people subscribed to my newsletter.

Do you have any experience with sharing stats? Isn't it beign too open?

It is additional content for the timeline, maybe it will gain more engagement and I hope that people will see that others are interested in my content so it will be kind of social proof.

What do you think? Maybe share your experience with similar topics.

Here is the account if you're interested: Koprowski_it

Edit [03 may 2021]

I shared stats, if you're interested in how it performs check out here:

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    From what I saw both on other people's Tweets as well as my own, mentioning any kind of numbers (financial tend to work the best, but also social media etc.) in your Tweets will get you (a lot) more engagement than Tweets without this info.

    I also don't think its too open, in fact there is a paid Twitter service built by another member of the community @dr that allows you to make your Twitter stats public.

    This is mine for example:


    1. 1

      Ok posted stats, we will see how it works :)

    2. 1

      This is interesting, thanks.

      Well I don't have much of financial stats yet but views/followers is something I guess :)

  2. 1

    I've noticed many people liking stat tweets from others. Engagement also seems higher when there is a brief story attached to it. I say go for it!

    1. 1

      I'll check this out at the beginning of next month. Great opportunity to summarize April.

      1. 1

        Ok posted stats, we will see how it works :)

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