Any experiences with an Irish LTD company?

I am an EU citizen (Austria) and would like to set up a (as cheap and more importantly as uncomplicated as possible) limited liability company for some SaaS/Ecommerce experiments, which also would allow me to live as a digital nomad.

I don't expect to be profitable in the first years, if ever, I would just feel better to have such a company for the imprint, ToS etc.

After doing some research I keep coming back to the option of an Irish Limited with an Austrian Director (=me).
There is a double taxation agreement with Austria.

Does anybody have any experience with such a setup, i.e. a non-Irish EU citizen and an Irish LTD?

There are services which set up such a company, but how do I vet them?

That's the part that makes me scratching my head the most, because sure there are lawyers, consultancies etc., but how to find a reasonably priced and especially trustworthy one without having personal recommendations...

I also keep thinking about services like Stripe Atlas (Delaware LLC) and Sleek (Singapore LTD), but they probably have many tax pitfalls for an EU resident?

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    Sounds like a US LLC (Delaware, Wyoming, New Mexico) would suit you well.

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      Thank you very much for your reply! I will research this options in more detail then.

      What makes this path a bit ominous to me (without knowing much about it), is that I can't imagine this to be the best for an EU citizen - how does this work legally (me being CEO of a US company with EU citizenship and residency in Europe, at least for the time being) and with taxation, if, e.g. I would like to pay myself out from the company funds?
      Is this sort of a grey area or totally official, do many EU-lead US LLCs like this exist?

      I would love to hear from EU citizens who went this route (e.g. with Stripe Atlas), and how it works in practice...

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        I live in Macedonia and run my US LLC from here. I've never been to the US and even if I ever move abroad, that likely won't be in the US.
        Since I am a single member of the company, the LLC enjoys a disregarded entity status, which means I pay 0% corporate taxes. I owe only income taxes in my country. I pay myself for management services from time to time (as per the advice of a lawyer). I don't pay myself a regular salary.
        This is not a grey area, it is completely legal.

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          Thank you, I have to do research if it's the same in my case, but that would indeed be perfect.

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