May 23, 2019

Any feedback and would you use it?



I'm trying out a new product that helps people save money and keeping it organized. It's an MVP and it currently supports UK currency. Other currency will be introduced shortly.

If suppose you are looking for a good place to save money, would you use it?

Here is the link:

Let me know your thoughts.

If you got any marketing tips, that would be useful as well.

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    Site looks pretty sharp. Guess what I'm not groking is why I would pay for this. It's not very apparent to me as to what your service would be able to do for me. It says it helps me save money, but how? Will you make my life better and help me save more money than I would be able to do on my own?

    Full disclosure, I'm a Total Money Makeover Truther that runs business and personal budgets by way of a couple of spreadsheets. Money is saved because we budget to do so. With that, if you told me that paying a few bucks to you could help me save more than I do today, you'd pique my interest.

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      It's funny you're saying that. What you're describing is what it fulfill. It contains tools such as lock a fund (a person can have many funds in one account), make many funds with different settings and so forth.

      So, the communication to my customers needs improving, perhaps a short video explaining the platform can help.

      What am I missing (in your view)?

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        Yeah, really just need to provide a bit of a value add proposition. Make it abundantly clear how your service is going to help people.

        Interesting about locking the funds and such. My personal banking establishment doesn't do locking per se, but does let us setup multiple "Accounts" that are just meta buckets. Allows us to setup a bucket for say, a vacation, set a goal on the bucket, and then even schedule the automatic transfer of funds.

        A lot of banks provide similar functionality, at least here in the states.

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          Thank you for your reply. Most banks don't provide a locking system. I guess they don't provide a budget limit as well (perhaps something to add). A video tutorial on how it works is probably the best way.