Any Freelance Tech Bloggers Here?

Hey guys! I am hiring freelance tech bloggers for a container orcehstration company called Cycle.io. Our blogs are roughly 500-750 words and focus on development, DevOps, cloud computing, and other related topics. I'd love some of my fellow indie hackers to be in on the gig! Let me know if you are interested and we can talk payment and details.

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    🤔 Maybe @momoko or @karlhughes can know of someone.

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    @davidingram Hi David, I'm interested in this role. Please email me on [email protected]otmail.com with the budget for each blogs and how many are required each month. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the mention @rosiesherry!

    David, I run a newsletter and community called Blogging for Devs (https://bloggingfordevs.com). Probably full of people who'd be interested in a paid writing gig.

    I can't say off the top of my head some individual names, as people have different availability and specializations.

    But if you want to get the word out about your program, I have a newsletter sponsorship option which I think is pretty affordable. I'd also be happy to add it to a running list of paid writing programs we have inside the community (for free of course), if you could share a range of payment.

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      Hey @momoko Thank you so much for the help and information! I would love to talk with you more about this sponsorhsip program. Content is one channel but we are looking to diversify our marketing program. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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    This is what my company does: draft.dev

    That said, we're a premium offering (we include editing and illustrations), so we might be too expensive depending on your funding situation.

    If you want to recruit a couple of your own writers, best bet is to reach out directly to people who are writing for some of these companies and cover topics relevant to your tool: https://github.com/malgamves/CommunityWriterPrograms

    The tricky thing with brining on your own writers is the churn and editing work. You'll get a good one for a couple months and then they'll get busy and you'll be back to square one. We spend several hours/week recruiting and we get 5-10 inbound applications a week on top of that.

    Happy to answer more specific questions. Just let me know!

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      Hey @karlhughes This is awesome information, thank you so much. I definitely would love to go with your comapny draft.dev but we are not there just yet. But we are and have the funding I know where to find you. Until then, again, thank you for the info!

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