April 28, 2019

Any Indie Hackers currently living the remote life - need your advice?


I am currently renewing a building in Malaga(Spain) and transforming it into a coliving/coworking/retreat place.
The place has huge history as this area was where Ernest Hemingway, Exupery etc spent their vacation.

Could you give me some feedback on what's important for you as a digital nomad, in exchange we will offer 20% discount + some goodies just for Indie Hackers when we open in September.

Thanks in advance!

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    I work remotely. The things I need when I hit coworking spaces are:

    1. Pristine scheduling so I don't get bumped out of rooms I need
    2. Rooms for quiet calling
    3. VERY good Wifi. I've seen some spaces in NY that have the shoddiest wifi and it's ridiculous
    4. Good cell phone reception
    5. Coffee
    6. Clean bathroom

    Nice to have:
    Spare MacBook Pro power adapters/USB-C cables available for purchase ;)

    1. 1

      Thanks! What about rooms? Private or shared - very big 3 people max.

      1. 2

        Typically I would work in a big room with lots of different areas in it, and only use a private room for meetings

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