Any indie hackers using Algolia/Elasticsearch? 👀

Hi all,

TLDR; building Algolia competitor, looking for a few user test/interview candidates (paid) 😎

At my startup I've been working on an API that helps you add instant, AI powered semantic search to your app.

Semantic search goes beyond the keyword matching you're used to with Elastic/Algolia etc. It can understand meaning through AI (geeky details further down*). This means that without having to set up manual rules/definitions, our search can understand synonyms, slang, typos, context etc - while still handling normal text matching as you'd expect!

We've had a lot of fun using it with some of enterprise deals, but I'm keen to run it by other indiehackers & startups - as this is the market I'm most excited by.

Are there any Algolia/Elasticsearch users here who would be open to do a quick user test/interview with me? Amazon gift cards on offer!


*geeky details, as promised 😅

We have created our own vector search engine + API for easily encoding data into vectors. Vectors are an AI generated data format, allowing us to interpret the meaning of the data. It does this by effectively mapping the characteristics of the data, as interpreted by our pretrained models, in a 2000+ dimension space. Happy to explain more if you are curious!

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    Hey Daniel. I'm definitely interested.

    I have used Elastic in the past and have recently been looking at elastic or something with good fuzzy searching for a project I'm working on now.

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      Great! What's the best way to contact you to set up a chat?

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          Shot an email through!

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    I've used both and am currently using self hosted Elasticsearch because of cost and control. Facets are my number one reason for using a search engine over just full text search.

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      We do facets, filtering & aggregation! We can even do things like automatically tag your data based on a supplied dictionary, so that you have more categoric data to facet on. Is there some way I could contact you to chat a bit more? Not trying to sell (thus haven't shared our website), just really keen to do some user research :)

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