Any movies for the weekend?

Weekend is coming. Are you planning to watch anything?

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    I advise you to watch the movie "Miracle in cell No. 7". It's just an amazing film, I was very impressed. However, get ready to cry, because it is impossible to hold back tears from this film. I was also very impressed with the film "The Dig", you will not regret it if you watch it. I watch all the movies on https://stremiomovies.com, this is a great player. There is an excellent catalog of films, you can find all the latest news in the cinema. If you need more information about this site, you can find it directly on the site itself.

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    If you have been on Twitter, you might have seen a lot of talk about "The social Dilemma". I haven't seen it though.

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        Oh, Thanks. Have you seen it? Is it worth it?

        1. 2

          Haven’t. No idea tbh

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    I'll watch Slumdog Millionaire, I hear about it a while ago but never watch it.
    8/10 IMDb 😗

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