Ideas and Validation February 13, 2020

Any PCB designers around?

James Finlay @Jtfinlay

Hey folks,

We're close to having a prototype ready for Cadstrom, and I would love to chat with folks in the PCB design industry. Whether you're a hobbyist or work full-time in the area, interested in hearing about how you do your work.

Focus is to talk about how you manage, share, and collaborate on your projects - and what problems you often face.


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    I did PCB for test equipment for power supply and control boards in aviation industry. I used Altium. Happy to chat!

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      Thank you, I would love to chat and hear your experiences! Is it alright if I reach out over email?

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        Yes sir. That would work

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          Hey Romeo, I received an email delivery error. Please let me know the best way to contact you.

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    Well, it’s been a few years, but I’ve done some through-hole design work. Specifically for the music industry.

    I worked solo, designed and laid out the traces. I used a company called PCBExpress in Northern California for manufacturing.

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      Would you be willing to do a skype/hangouts call this weekend? If you prefer offline chat, that works too. I'm interested in how you approached the project, especially given your software experience too.

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        Yeah, I can do a Skype call this weekend. No problem. Reach out to me via email and we’ll figure out a time.

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