Any physically active indie hackers?

Hey IH! We all know that part of maintaining overall health involves staying active. What activities do you all enjoy?

Personally, I do yoga 2-3 times a week, and I'll go on the occasional hike. I've set a goal to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro early next year, and I'm going to start training in the next few weeks. Any hikers/climbers here? Would love your tips!

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    I run three times a week; it makes me alive. I did the Kilimanjaro three weeks ago through the Machame route in six days. It was a lifetime experience and worth every penny. I'm not a regular hiker, so it was my first time reaching this high altitude and spending nearly a week in an outdoor activity. The hardest part was the submit night and the descending two days after that. Descending was hard on my knees. Try to be fit and choose a good time to do it. Enjoy the journey and take it slowly as Tanzanian people say (pole pole == slowly slowly).

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      that's awesome! thanks for sharing. I'm looking at doing Lemosho but haven't totally decided. Your comment made me even more excited for it, though!

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    I ashamed to say, I gave up doing sports roughly 3 months ago, due to working too much. I keep on telling myself I'll start "next week". Hopefully, it will actually be "next week"😁

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      right! it's always the hardest thing to get back into the habit after falling off for a while. I definitely know the feeling!

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      that sounds just like me....

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    I go to the gym between 2-3 times a week. And will either do HIIT or strength training or a class such as aqua aerobics, bootcamp or yoga. I've always been active even when I was younger and did athletics twice a week from 9-16 years old. Then in my mid twenties did kickboxing and MMA alongside going to the gym.

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      wow, that's awesome! I hate going to the gym so I try to do activities and classes instead. I keep saying I'm going to try boxing but haven't done it yet. That'll probably be my next class!

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        Yeah activities and classes are free as part of my Membership. So I like to try and attend 1-2 a week along with a regular gym session or swim.

        Also, yes you should definitely try boxing. It's a great sport!

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    I mainly work out at home (have some dumbells and a kettlebell) or in a park close to my apartment.

    I also started hiking recently with my girlfriend. Went on 2 trips so far in the summer, so I'm still quite new to it.

    Before covid, I also used to dance salsa, but I'm too lazy to get back into it. Still thinking about it, though.

    Back in college, I did indoor rock climbing, worked out in the gym and went swimming occasionaly.

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      Salsa is such a fun workout! I used to do it a few years ago. I was never good at it dance-wise, but I always got a great workout in and had a blast. You should start again!

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    Staying healthy in the computer industry is so important given how much we sit. I have struggled my entire life to stay in shape. I love hiking, but due to excessive heat some of the year, I need better ways to exercise in summer. I have an elliptical/nordictrack at home and I am very good about using it. Recently, I met a few guys who get together and do cross fit workouts. I have never experienced anything like it. It is incredibly challenging and I never thought I would say this, but I love it. I know that having a group/community really keeps you in check. Feels like a life change for me and I am looking very forward to continuing and finally getting back in shape, it's been 10 years since I have been my ideal weight. Thanks for the post btw, I love seeing this side of the coin on an indiehackers site. I often brain storm fitness apps and ideas, that I need myself to build.

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      that's awesome, thanks for sharing! having a group to workout with can help so much. Good luck to you on your crossfit journey! I know those workouts are beyond tough, but everyone I know who does crossfit really loves it.

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    Biking a few times a week. Always on weekends and usually between 3-5 hours per session. Sometimes I do 6 hours. 2 weekends ago. My most recent achievement was biking from Toronto to Niagara Falls which took 10 hours.

    Now the weather is becoming cold so I will stay inside.

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      very cool, congrats on biking to niagara!

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    I do body building ("gym") 4 times a week, which has eventually become a passion from a hobby. I read a lot of papers regarding it and ended up even building a soon-to-be-launched web/app for tracking your progress (https://kalisten.app). I also complement it with some basic nutrition guidelines.

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    I just did 50 squats :D

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    I run a house painting company and that is my physical daily activity. Next week though a local climbing gym is opening, so planning to do that as well.

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      pretty cool that you get to move around for work! you don't have the constant dilemma of fitting physical activity into your schedule 😄

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    When I was in the Navy I did a lot of cross-training because of all the hiking we had to do. Check out https://mtntactical.com/fitness/mountain-athlete/ if you're thinking about climbing some mountains. I have no affiliation with Mountain Tactical but I've used their Military Athlete programming in the past and it made a world of difference.

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      thank you! just checked out their site, definitely looks like something that would help a lot. appreciate the recommendation!

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    2 hours of Crossfit each morning Monday to Friday, and hiking for some weekends. I do it both with friends, so both are social activities, too.

    It is essential not just for my physical health, but for mental wellbeing as well.

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      same here! that's part of why I love yoga and hiking also. These activities definitely go beyond the physical for me as well.

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    I have one of the Simone Giertz everyday calendars, and I try to exercise every day. I run 4 times a week, do light calisthenics/stretch twice a week, and do a high-intensity interval workout once a week. I miss 2-5 days a month for rest, which I still think is pretty good. I'm in my mid 30s and I'm not the most fit person in the world, and my diet isn't always the best, but I see a huge difference between me and people my age who don't have active workout routines.

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      thanks for sharing! yes, it definitely makes a world of difference.

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