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Any Potential Technical Partners Interested in the Intersection of the Creator Economy & Fitness?

Hi all!

My co-founder and I are looking for a technical partner to build a more scalable version of our creator economy <> fitness platform.

What are we doing?

We help influencers host fitness programs for their audience. Right now we're targeting running athletes. We help athletes build their brand and make more money while making fitness fun and accessible for their audience. Our programs are all remote & cohort-based, using behavioral techniques to drive real fitness outcomes and build community.

What have we done?

We have served >100 clients using no-code/low-code tools, with our current product offering consisting of a web CRM and client apps available on both app stores.

We have partnered with athletes ranging from Olympians to college stars, and our "host" waitlist is growing. We are at a point where our current product is the bottleneck (users are getting frustrated having to use slow, and often multiple apps), not distribution.

What are we looking for?

We want to meet our growing demand by building a higher-performing MVP. We are looking for a technical partner with broad experience or interest in: prototype development, community products, marketplaces, health/fitness, mobile apps.

See more about us here: www.neocoach.io

Reach out for more details, I'd love to chat. Catch me here or at [email protected].

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