Legal, Tax, and Accounting June 29, 2020

Any services that provide both bookkeeping and accounting at a good price?


Bench is getting fairly expensive, and I don't always make use of all their features.

Can anyone recommend a service like Bench that also provides accounting at the end of the year, but maybe without some of the features and coming in at a lower price?

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    Wave? They are free to use. They make their money by taking a cut of invoices if you use their invoicing system or payroll.

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      Hm, interesting. It looks like you still have to sort of go in there and do the books. I'd prefer something where there's a dedicated bookkeeper on the other side doing it for you.

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        Ahh, got it. Then you might want to look into someone local. If your business is small enough you can share a bookkeeper with another company or multiple companies and get things very cheap.
        If you want an online vendor, InDinero is a Y-Combinator-backed company, they offer accounting and you can add on taxes. is another option.

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          Wow, those prices! I guess I just wish there was a less feature packed bench at around $50/m instead of $150/m.

          Thanks for the info though!

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