Any Shopify/E-Commerce Store Owners here? Wanted some inputs🙏

We are building a SAAS AI product that generates Social Media posts according to a business’s niche. I was looking to launch on the Shopify App Marketplace but wanted some validation before that.

I realize that Shopify Store owners are a perfect audience for me because:

  1. Social Media presence is very important for an E-commerce business.
  2. A lot of Shopify stores I researched have almost dormant Instagram/Facebook pages.
  3. I understand this would be due to time constraints. I have been in the same situation in my last startup where there is a lot of stuff to do and social media takes a backseat.

What my product can do:

  1. As a Shopify app, read products from your Shopify store and generate nice posts in various themes (Educational, Promotional, BTS, Contests, Polls, etc) personalized for your business.
  2. Can generate “almost” ready-to-use posts with Images, Captions, Hashtags, etc, and saves you a lot of time spent ideating for post ideas.
  3. Keep pushing you via notifications to look at the posts and polish/approve them to be posted to your social handles.
  4. This will make sure you have some presence on Insta, Facebook, etc and any prospective customer does not get turned off due to dormant accounts.

Questions I had:

  1. Do you think this is a problem you identify with?
  2. Would you pay for this?
  3. Would you be willing to be a beta user for our Shopify app?
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