Looking to Partner Up March 7, 2020

Any software developer/entrepreneurs in real estate?


Looking to start a mastermind group for web devs or entrepreneurs in real estate to actively bounce ideas off each other, share code, or other ideas.

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    well, my wife is a civil engineer and owns a real estate company . I've been interested in building something for this particular market using Stripe connect. I'm a software dev with experience in Java , Dart , Javascript html, css , web& mobile. I'm up for a chat.

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    Hit me up at https://www.linkedin.com/in/francescogalletta/
    I am a data scientist / data engineer based in UK and also a real estate investor.

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    My wife manages a multifamily portfolio (apartments) and I'm a frontend software eng. I'm interested in proptech SaaS tools. Count me in. Email is in profile @unknownrecipient

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    Not really but I’m about to buy a house haha!

    I have experience in Machine Learning incase you want to leverage prediction or forecasting!

    GitHub (pretty active):

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    yes i work in realty at the supplier level

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    Hello, I am trying to build a product that improves long term rental experience. So far MVP for Polish market is released, and I'm trying to collect feedback and add improvements.

    I'm open to share ideas and empower each other.

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    Here’s what I do. A France oriented project developing a set of tools for predicting a winning bid at court auctions, predicting a bidding landscape (number of participants, their bids and timing) and tools for portfolio optimization.

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    Definitely interested in the prop tech market so happy to hear anything you had in mind, send over a message to me on LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/georgelovegrove

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    I’m interested! Let’s connect. What are your thoughts?

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    ping me. email in my profile.

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    hi there, great idea, I'm a real estate investor myself and I'm frustrated with the tools available now, keen to speak more.

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      What do you use? And what’s wrong with these tools? Are you UK based?

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      Likewise! Im an investor and a software engineer was working on a few ideas — want to chat sometime?

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    Yup, I founded dealsourcr.com! Wass up?