Any suggestions for an affiliate program?

We have an API/SaaS business and have been getting user requests to refer our service. Our current affiliate process is ad-hoc and not efficient or scalable - why we don't even mention it on the site.

Do you have any recommendations for affiliate software - especially if works well with an API/SaaS business.

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    I use https://www.getrewardful.com/?via=volkan been a happy paying customer for a year now.

    I won't lie affiliate programs are hard and we have 100s but only a few send leads and a small amount convert.

    If you believe an affiliate program will help with growth work with your partners closely.

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      Excellent and thank you. They even mention SaaS.

      I agree, affiliate is tough and we weren't going to even look at it for a while, except we have requests and we really don't want to build our own system.

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        Don't build your own system ahah. For $29 you can test it and see if they actually put the work in.

        If they don't you can shut it down quickly.

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    I run partnerwith.io. PartnerWith helps SaaS companies work closely with their affiliates. You can recruit, track, and co-market with relevant partners.

    Even if you find other suitable affiliate tracking solutions, we can help you with affiliate recruitment and co-markeitng

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    Hey Geoffrey, Zoe Linda specialises in affiliate marketing and she's got a great resources page here: https://www.zoelinda.co.uk/resources

    I also use a DIY program on my wordpress site at the moment.. it does the job, but I think I will upgrade when then time comes as well.

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