any Techs looking to jump into the travel boom (before it begins)?

Hi hackers!
I have a tour and tickets B2C marketplace - https://www.indiehackers.com/product/thetixs-com - that began with a pre-canned solution in october of 2020 (#laravel & #php) and I've invested a good chunk of money modifying it, adding modules, APIs, etc. I completely bootstrapped the project as a non-tech solopreneur but I've burned out and I'm also working on another travel related project with 2 amazing co-founders - we met here :) - hence the current cash investments need to focused on driving traffic and sales to the marketplace.

I'm at a point where I can't maintain the dev team (outsourced) and the Ad spend due to the high cost of development. I have a couple different business opportunities - franchise the brand, lease the software - that will require tech work and someone that can oversee the tech side as I need to shift the investment onto ads and marketing - and focus on profit and ROI (I have other domains to use for redirect and travel brand affiliate accounts to generate passive income via APIs)

Given the market conditions and high expenses, I've pivoted to a B2B concept - I've been in the travel and tour industry for over 10 years focused on sales, business development, marketing and strategy - and I'm currently contracting companies to resell the products we already have - we have over 150 products to sell, a global contract with a major industry player and the possibility to expand to Mexico, Chile & Dominican Republic but I'm in need of someone that wants to be a part of this!

I'd be great to find a partner(s) that's like minded and with an entrepreneurial spirit that can jump in, take ownership of the project and help me work on the current live site mods (i would love to be the first travel company to accept crypto for example) and/or start developing the B2B tech side of the business - I'm happy to exchange equity for tech sweat equity as I reinvest everything that comes into the business, I'm looking for long term partnership!

Furthermore, my friends and co-founders of the other project work on Nodejs, React, Angular - and perhaps there's some synergy we're we can all benefit - we all have the mindset of a TEAM were we can share the wealth and create an eco-system benefiting us from multiple channels!

Happy to chat and share more with anyone that's interested - and feel free to check out the marketplace https://thetixs.com


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