April 18, 2019

Any YC alumni here?

Sabba keynejad @sabba

Hi guys, Sabba from VEED.IO here

I have some good news, we have been invited to interview at YCombinator on the 30th in Mountain View California! We are super excited :)

For preparation, I would like to do some quick 10 mins mock interviews with anyone who has been to YC or who understand their way they thinking. I want to find holes in my thinking and then receive some feedback. I know this is a big ask therefore happy to whatever I can in return as a thank you. Walk your dog, buy you coffee, DDOS your competitors (jokes) Thanks in advance, Sabba

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    I went through in Summer 07 and happy to do a quick one with you. [email protected]. This coming week is fine. I'm in the Barcelona timezone.

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      Hi Rob, that's super kind of you. I just sent you an email. Thanks Sabba

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    Give @rrhoover a shout if you have a YC interview scheduled and want to practice pitch. Use his fund's email address.