Anyone donating a percentage of profit to charity or similar?

I'm wondering if anyone has examples of companies/products that do donations or something charitable as a part of their business. Things along the line of "buy our product x and we'll plant a tree" or "x% of profit is donated to some charity".

Also if you have done this, what are your general thoughts/experience? How did you decide on that percentage or whatever other charitable commitment you made?

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    A good choice for this is: https://onetreeplanted.org/

    They take $1 to plant a tree. A small contribution with a big impact.

    I think it's a good idea!

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      I like this! I'm surprised they can plant a tree for so cheap, but I guess it's probably done by volunteers.

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    just started with Stripe Climate. I'm donating 5% of profits.

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      I saw your product today actually. Yeah stripe climate pretty much has everyone doing this now!

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    Tried that before. It really depends on the demography and regions. Some perceive it negatively as a manipulative mechanism to lure consumers into buying. Others see it more positively as part of social/ giving. Hope this helps

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      Definitely, you have to have your heart in the right place and be transparent as well. Although it might be beneficial to the business in getting more people to sign up etc, you have to be doing it for the right reason otherwise the user will probably be able to tell. Even wording around your giving is probably very important to make sure it isn't taken the wrong way.

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    Hi Keuxdi,

    I give 25% of profits to charity with one of my businesses. (bundlesforgood.com)

    Many customers have said that they appreciate that I'm raising money for charity and I think it helps attract contributors to the bundles. I don't think it is a major buying factor for purchasers, but it probably helps.

    I chose 25% because I wanted it to be a substantial amount, while still leaving profits for the business to grow. I'm hoping to increase this to 50% over time. I don't need to make a lot of money, so I'm hoping to maximize my contribution over time.

    I tried one bundle with 50% donations, but the higher percentage didn't really help sales.


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      Another great example! 25% is definitely no small amount, I guess people probably enjoy the fact that they're contributing to charity and care less about the specific percentage (at least when it's already a substantial percentage like 25% or 50%).

      It would be interesting if there's data on the optimal percentage to both drive sales and also maximize the actual amount going to charity.

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    Joppy (https://www.joppy.me/employers) is a developer oriented recruiter platform that donates 50€ to the NGO chosen by candidates.

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      I like that the candidate gets to choose it's an interesting system they have.

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    Not exactly donations (that is just a part of the certification), but you might be interested in the B Corp certification. Here is the list https://bcorporation.net/directory

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      Very interesting thanks!

      This B-corp is obviously environmentally focused, but I was thinking something like it must exist that put a company halfway between non profit and for profit.

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    My small business, Seward, we cut the profit in half from each product sold and donate that amount to NGOs, charities, and organizations that work to offset the environmental cost of consumerism. It is really great as a brand because users feel good about their purchase plus it reduces our tax bill significantly.

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      I love that. I think it's a great way to help a cause and also benefits the company in many ways as you mention with taxes

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