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Anyone else having a mess in LinkedIn connections?

As a founder, I have a huge mess in my LI connections. For each product we do I connect with a different sort of people.

Haha, the result of trying my best to have a clear target audience.

So there is time to interact with prospects of product #1 and then there is time to ask questions to users of product #2...

We actually did a little MVP two weeks ago to scratch our own itch. Easy way to add a tag to anyone in your network and see the tags in the feed so you can interact with people that matter to you.

And I am so happy that today we launched it on on ProductHunt (a bit more polished tho haha)

If you are having this issue as well, TidyTag might be really handy for you.

I will really appreciate every little upvote. Thank you very much!

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    Upvoted! This is really neat.
    Seems especially useful for separating friends, co-workers, industry experts, clients, etc.

    Although you've built this to solve a problem you have, did you do any market validation before launching? If so, how did you do that?

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