Anyone ever RE-listed on Product Hunt?

No, I'm not trying to game the system.

Last fall, I published a market research guide for entrepreneurs. I launched this on Product Hunt soon after publishing.

Not a great response, but still worth it.

I've since built three apps into this website, and turned it into a toolkit for entrepreneurs. Not just a guide -- three actual tools built into the site.

The website is completely revamped.

Can I re-launch this on Product Hunt? And how can I do this the RIGHT way?

I want to abide by all rules about re-listing.

Product Hunt has some rules about this, but it's unclear whether they will even allow the same URL to be listed again. Do they manually review it before it goes live to be sure the updates are big enough to re-list?

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    To add to what's already been said, they usually suggest leaving at least 6 months between posts, so your timeline is probably fine. If you don't differentiate enough from your previous post, or it's too short a time between them, they leave the new post up but it's basically undiscoverable.

    This happened to us because we pivoted a month or two after launching and wanted to relaunch under the same name. You can visit that listing via URL but it didn't show up on the homepage and it doesn't show up in search, unfortunately.

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    You contact a PH moderator/hunter
    You explain why you need to re-list, usually it's when you've added a major bit of functionality.

    They will allow you to relist as a 2.0.

    However sometimes you're better off just calling your product something else, and say it's a new product that was build an iterated on the previous one!

    Good luck and if you end up posting it as a v2 let me know and I can upvote it :)

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