Anyone got any MVP advice please holla

Hi hackers, I'm Harry from London. I'm a 3rd time founder, one successful, one not so successful and I'm currently developing the MVP for a digital wellness platform designed for the over 60s. I've joined Indie Hackers to surround myself with like minded entrepreneurs, share my experiences, and get feedback and advice on the MVP to product market fit journey. If anyone has experience building MVPs, and digital platforms, then please give me a shout - thanks!

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    Hey Harry, welcome! Are you at the stage of building yet, if so what does the MVP look like? That would help me advise how you could build it. If you're not at that stage yet, really curious to hear how you've validated your product for the audience.

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      Hi Louis - thanks for getting back to me. Right now I’m using Kajabi, so keeping it super simple and testing basic assumptions. I’ve validated the audience via quant and qual interviews so have a clear-ish idea! Still lots to prove though. Btw, random question, but is your mum Bea?

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        And I've figured out who you are! We hung out in Lima!

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        OK gotcha, nice one with the validation! Kajabi looks pretty great - but I'm guessing from the fact that you are talking about building, you can't stay there forever. What do you need that they don't have?

        I'd be open to chatting about how to think about your MVP live if it would be helpful.

        And wow yeah, that's my mum!

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          The plan is to build the community on Kajabi and strong POC, and once we've maxed out the usability we'll then need to build our own platform - what that looks like I don't know as yet. Would be great to chat more, let me know your email and we can arrange a Zoom

          Small world - she was the one that recommended me to go to Lima and essentially what led me to build Señor Ceviche into a proper restaurant!

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            That sounds like a good plan. Awesome, up for it! I'm on [email protected]

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    If I were doing it over, I'd look into no-code/low-code solutions like AppGyver, bubble and Adalo. Also, be sure to involve your target audience as early as possible in the design of the product. Find some 60 year olds, let them know what you are thinking and see if that resonates with them. Ask them about what they like and what they'd like to see different.

    ALl the best!

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      Nice one, thanks for these tips - I’ll have a look at both of those. From what I’m learning it sounds like lots of questioning and listening! Thanks

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