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Anyone having problems with copyrights? (scammers that coping your products/websites/businesses and parasitize on your brand name)

Since the beginning of my career as an internet entrepreneur I'm facing the same problem over time - scammers and fraud that trying to parasitize on my brand or product.

Most of my products are e-goods or small SaaS tools.

The way scammers are troubled me:

  • Using brand misspelling to get the traffic (gogle.com instead of google.com)
  • Coping my info goods (books, courses)
  • Launching similar ads on the FB/GA/INST and getting traffic to their duplicated website

The main problem is that customers who send money to fraud then complaining about my business, my service, and trying to get a refund from me.

Anyone is having the same issue? What should I do? How to protect my business from angry customers who are shilling about the refund and not aware they've been scammed? I'm getting loses on support and of course, all of these people are my potential customers.

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    I do understand your pain here and would love to hear others' comments on this.
    Also, in some cases they use the same domain as yours with different TLDs is a nuisance for small businesses. They start to appear in SERP for your brand name (domain name), piggybacking on the brand name.

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