April 2, 2019

Anyone here starting side-hustles whilst on H1B or F1 visas in the USA?

Hey all,

I am a student on an F1 visa in the USA, and am therefore legally restricted from working on any of my own revenue-generating side projects. I was wondering if anyone here is in the same situation as me (on an F1 or H1B visa) and has found a way around this? One way would be to register the business back home with a relative / friend and keep running it (since my business is eCommerce, location doesn't matter), but I am a bit anxious about the legalities of such matters.

Any help whatsoever would be appreciated. I'm really sad about not being able to work on my side-projects whilst being a student / worker in the USA from abroad :(

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    It's not legal to do so, and you would be putting your visa in jeopardy. That being said, if the business is under someone else in a different country, then the likelihood of it being tracked back to you is slim.

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      thanks for the reply!