Anyone offering 1:1 consultations or metoring?

If you are offering 1:1 consultation through your website or social profile on topics like tech, UX/UI, growth, etc. You can try out my product meetup.link - we have built it for coaches, mentors, and independent consultants who want to grow their coaching/mentoring practice.

Please comment down below if you have any questions

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    Is this site geared specifically for techies or can an unemployed content writing specialist with a degree in Natural Resource Management try this out?
    I mean, duh, yeah, I can try it out but what I'm asking is this - is it relevant and useful to people who are not in a computer related field? In my alternate universe as a Natural Resource Mgt specialist, I have aspirations for becoming a consultant to farmers & ranchers as well as companies in need of inspections and prep of EPA/environmental compliance paperwork. That sort of thing. I'm most likely a wee bit older than the majority of you all on Indie Hackers and have built up a LOT of skill sets so I always have my ear to the ground for an opportunity to try something new. Thus my interest in your site.
    AND, if you need any written material for you website, blog, or anything else, give me a shout. I'm thinking of putting myself out there on the IH website as a service purveyor, just to see what happens...
    Thanks in advance, Debbe

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      Hi @OneTrickPony, Surely you can use it. Although, right now we are experimenting with a few features. But yes it's meant for everyone who has some knowledge to share.

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