Anyone Still Using an Rss Reader?

Is there anyone around here still using an RSS reader? If yes what is the main reason for using it? And do you guys think this is a market that can be disrupted somehow? Please share you feedback below, I´m really interested in having some different perspectives.

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    I use RSS for everything I can. I used Feedly for a bit but it was trying too hard to be a lot of things. I opted instead for a paid iOS/OSX app called Reeder which syncs between my devices using iCloud. I couldn't be more happy.

    As for disruption, I think RSS should in-itself be disruptive, but the ad revenue model of the current internet has sidelined awesome tools like RSS. One idea that's tangental is to create an open standard like RSS for restaurant menus. Maybe that's just something I want 😄

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    I use Feedbin and I love it! Feedbin is a little different because you can combine RSS feeds with email newsletters. Helps keep my inbox a little cleaner.

    The main reason I use one is it's the most customizable way to consume content. I'm not having stuff filtered through an "algorithm" that thinks it knows that I like (and is often optimizing for things like ad clicks). It's just the stuff I want to read in consecutive order.

    I think the main problem I have is some feeds produce like 100 pieces of content and some produce like 1 and so I rarely see the latter. I'd love a feature that "bundled" content, so I could scroll through feeds rather than individual posts.

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    I built my own using ruby+hugo. Digifolk Times. I would like to use a database since Hugo sometimes breaks due buggy scrapping, but haven't find the time.

    Sometimes I use Feedly...

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    Not only using, bit also have a project that tries to give a new spin on this idea.

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      oh me too... Can you share?

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    I've been using RSS since the early days of Google Reader and never stopped.

    My main reason for using RSS is my newsreader's feed delivers all the posts only from the sources I explicitly subscribe to. No algorithms that filter out part of the content from a source, no irrelevant popular or trending content I'm not interested in. Only what I want and nothing else.

    These days creators need RSS more than ever, I elaborated on why in a post on my blog.

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    I do, I use NetNewsWire (for Mac). I Love RSS, because it’s news from the source for things that matter to me. I don’t think there’s anything that can be done to disrupt the market that would make it better than what we have now.

    In the past we had aggregators that disappeared when RSS almost died, so maybe a refresh on that?

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