Anyone Using Django?

I am about to start a project/startup in Django, first time using Django too.

Please share your Django project and what other tech stack you are using to support your Django project.


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    I use Django for literally every project for the last 12+ years.

    The most typical project stack is:
    Django Post Office for managing sending emails

    Postgres, rabbitmq, Redis

    Deployment: I did bare-metal deployments for a long time(ubuntu, supervisor, etc). It is complete madness to set up.

    Tried Heroku: too expensive for side projects. (Fast forward – it is freaking expensive for production use too).

    I thought there must be a better way and I made "my own Heroku": https://appliku.com/products/deploy

    You can read the full story here:


    Wrote tutorial on starting a project to deployment https://appliku.com/post/django-project-tutorial-beginners-settings-docker

    You can also be interested in starter template which I built and use: https://github.com/appliku/djangitos

    If you are interested in making your deployments easy and fun (as in never care about them at all) – let me know, I'll assist you to deploy with Appliku.

    Best wishes!

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      We at https://twitter.com/unicornplatform/ migrated from Heroku to AWS using Appliku a year ago. So far so good 👍

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      I use Django for my projects as well and started using Appliku after spending too many hours debugging releases. It made it so much smoother.

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        Hey, Michael!

        Thanks for the kind words! And happy that Appliku has solved your pain points!

        Looking forward to see what awesome stuff it enabled you to ship!

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    Depending on your use case, Flask could be another Python framework worth a look. I haven't used Django myself, but I love the flexibility Flask provides as a micro-framework. There are some interesting comparison points made in this blog: https://testdriven.io/blog/django-vs-flask/

    For example, I didn't know that (a) Flask has more projects, despite Django being older and having more contributors, and (b) hiring Django developers could be an issue. I haven't verified any of these claims, but I'd imagine Flask has a simpler learning curve.

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    I use Django for all of my products (pageflows.com, screenlane.com, memo.fm, and more)

    I usually host on Digital Ocean and have started using Tailwind for styling. I mostly stick to vanilla JS because my products are simple.

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      I recommend looking at alpinejs.

      It is a very simple thing that enabled me to make component like things without going reactjs route where it was excessive.

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      Oh dude, thanks for sharing/making screenlane.com. I've been looking for something like this.

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        Awesome, thanks!

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      Man, I like your products, very clean designs,

      How long have you been working on it?

      I agree with you on there if it is simple stick to vanilla JS.

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        Memo.fm is brand new and Page Flows is about 3 years old now. I continue to build new stuff and generally stick with Django

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    My friend @kpalovic is using Django and has built a hole deployment SaaS around it.

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      Thanks for mentioning, @Yasin!

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    I use Django for Kami, an assistant for patients with type 2 diabetes. As it's mostly event based, I use Celery and RabbitMQ to handle automated tasks such as sending biomarker check-ins and messages.

    TBH, Django's a little more difficult to understand than other frameworks like Ruby on Rails. But Python is now my main programming language (because of its analytics capabilities) and using different languages isn't an option for me.

    I've found this course and this blog quite useful while building my app.

    Good luck on your project!

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      Thank you for this response. I really like Kami design man. I will be following you and Kami.

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      Hey Akimura, Kami looks awesome - I love the goal of helping diabetes patients increase treatment adherence. Are you marketing to patients in the US? We work with lots of diabetes patients and would love to learn a bit more if you're up for it?

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        Hey Alex! Yeah the US is our ultimate goal, specifically Hispanics. I'd love to know more about your work.

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          Awesome want to shoot me an email? My personal is in my profile!

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    I use Django + DRF + React for all my projects. Some examples:

    Very happy with the stack and how they all work together. I wrote an article about it here.

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    I've been building projects in Django for over 10 years and never had any reason to switch.

    Lately I've been using it primarily with React in a hybrid model (where Django still renders the pages and handles 80% of the content, but React gets brought in for any front-end-heavy pages). I've found this architecture is ideal for solo-projects and allows me to create MVPs ridiculously fast. I've written about it extensively in these guides to building a SaaS with Django and just gave a talk on it at DjangoCon EU.

    If you're looking for a running start, my product SaaS Pegasus is also designed to help kickstart Django SaaS projects. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss more about it!

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    I use Django and Flask for my projects. You may find a list of boilerplate code using both in this repo https://github.com/smirnov-am/awesome-saas-boilerplates

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    Hey, We use Django at our startup.

    Pros -

    1. Easy to write code
    2. Faster development speeds
    3. Good community / docs available easily on the net
    4. Easy to deploy (using dedicated tools like Heroku, etc)

    Cons -

    1. Python is slower than other technologies available like NodeJS and GoLang.

    Pro Tip : Check out FastAPI. It is python web framework which combines the better of both worlds - the ease of python and the execution speed of GoLang. However, as it is relatively new the online community is not as good as that of Django. However official docs are good. Link - https://fastapi.tiangolo.com/

    Other tools that we use alongside Django -

    1. Postgres + MongoDB for database
    2. Redis for caching
    3. Apache Kafka for messenger queues
    4. AWS stack for all infra related operations
    5. Grafana + Prometheus for Alerts and Monitoring
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    I'm a huuuuge Django fan! I build almost everything in Django.

    One of my recent projects is Phase CRM -- we're a "TweetDeck" for Slack. You use our product to get a TweetDeck-like interface for your Slack community so you can more easily find trends, deal with spam, manage members, etc.

    In addition to Django, we use vanilla JavaScript, and Postgres for the backend. Hosted on AWS.

    I'm also a huge fan of NLP and building a second project using Spacy, NLTK, and Scikit Learn, along with FastAPI.

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    Zlappo is run on Python/Django + Postgres + Bootstrap/vanilla Javascript, very happy with my stack so far.

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    I use Django for all my side projects and the day job. My tech stack is Django, Celery, Caddy, Docker (Swarm) , Redis and Postgres. The recent project I have released with Django is https://mailboxfiler.com

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    Interesting to see all the various use cases. Isn't the old saying true though "use what you know and are comfortable with"?

    I'm interested in python as well (automate the boring stuff was free so I jumped on if) I just wanted to try another language myself, perhaps I'm answering my own comment above 😄

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    I use Django and Graphene Django for Baseline along with Quasar on the front-end.

    I'm pretty happy with that setup, quick to work on once you got the hang of GraphQL.

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    I use the Django REST framework as the backend for wait, what do you do.

    It is very simple to set up and I highly recommend it!

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    I plan to run a pair of applications on Django + mg

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    I use Django for all my projects! It's awesome.

    For project inspiration, checkout Built with Django. There are many cool examples of apps built with Django.

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    Absolutely! I've been using it for years and it is by far the fastest way for me to get an idea to market. I'm currently using it on:

    As for the remaining tech stack:

    • Vue.js
    • MySQL
    • gunicorn
    • NGINX
    • Bootstrap for styling
    • Auth0 for authentication/login
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      Awesome, thank you for your reply. It is nice to hear from someone who has loads of experience.

      what about hosting?

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        No problem. Hosting differs but is usually a mix between Digital Ocean droplets and AWS EC2.

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    Hey, I did build more than 5 web apps using Django some of them are saas product. It has some built-in features and also you can custom build on your need. you can build the UI with Django template(will get messy at a certain point) or else use some framework(reactjs)

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      Thank you will keep that in mind

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    As a full time Python programmer for Apple, I urge to not use Python for web development. PHP is a FAR better tool and if you're looking for a framework Laravel is the most popular one in the PHP world.

    Guido Van Rossum did NOT create Python for web development.
    Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP 100% ONLY for web development.

    It amazes me so many people use Python for web development when that is not what it was originally intended for. PHP is far easier and superior for web development.

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      It amazes me so many people use Python for web development when that is not what it was originally intended for.

      So? Python wasn't created for Machine Learning/data analytics yet it's the most popular language used for ML and AI.

      • JavaScript wasn't originally intended for server side stuff.
      • Cars weren't originally intended for racing on tracks.
      • Internet wasn't originally intended for watching cat videos.

      Things evolve.

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      "It amazes me so many people use Python for web development when that is not what it was originally intended for. " >> such an uninspired argument.

      You know Instagram was built on Python/Django...worked out fine for them.

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      I'm curious, how does Apple use Python?

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      Rasmus also created PHP to be templating language and but people turned it into a programming language :)

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      Business logic is easier to write and read in Python. Whether or not Python was made for web dev does not mean PHP is better for all cases.

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