Looking to Partner Up February 11, 2020

Anyone want to build an amazing company together?

Rachel Zamore @cghq

I'd love to find a fabulous tech cofounder or CTO for my early-stage startup.

CaregivingHQ is building a collaboration app and information management system for family members coordinating caregiving for an aging or disabled loved one. As someone who has been on that path myself, I realized it didn't have to be so complicated, so I set about creating a more streamlined solution for myself and the 40 million others who are in the same situation!

I'm a (for now) solo non-tech founder, and already have a small, enthusiastic local team of a UI/UX designer and a full-stack developer who are helping me get to a working prototype. But I want an experienced tech lead as my co-conspirator and co-creator -- a software engineer with experience growing and leading a team who is a positive person and creative problem-solver with great communication skills.

This is a B2C SaaS product, but with some exciting potential for B2B sales, as there's a huge financial incentive for insurance companies to support the $470 billion in unpaid caregiving services provided by family members each year, and employers have an incentive to support reduced work absences, which are a documented problem with family caregivers. Early interest by potential users has been strong, and I've gotten some encouraging signals in
being selected as a finalist for a regional incubator program with a mentorship program that launches tomorrow, and receiving an invitation to a selective VC event in Boston that also happens this week.

I'm based in southern VT, and would ideally love to find a cofounder in or near New England so that we can meet in person somewhat regularly. But anyplace in the US is fine. I imagine building the company as intentionally remote from the get-go. Key qualities I'm seeking in a cofounder or CTO are personal maturity and great communication skills, in addition to being experienced getting a product built and to market successfully, and growing and managing a tech team. "Impressive" credentials would be helpful as far as securing investment and applying to top accelerator programs, but personal fit is most important. Some personal experience with caregiving would be helpful, as well as interest in our mission of making caregiving easier and more sustainable for families. Women, POCs and LGBTQ folks especially encouraged, but all are welcome. Check out caregivingHQ.com for more info about the company/product.

As for me, I have a degree in Public Policy from Brown University and another in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I have built and grown several successful businesses in the past, and created and run a number of programs in the nonprofit sector, but this is my first tech startup. I'm committed to building an amazing company and doing so in a way that also takes great care of those of us working on and in it. (My last career was as a therapist and I'm 100% committed to having a healthy functional organization that supports amazing outcomes and growth, but also wellbeing and a positive journey along the way.) If you think you might be an appropriate match, please reach out to me at rachel @ caregivinghq.com. Thanks!

Rachel Zamore

P.S. If you're a caregiver yourself, please visit caregivingHQ.com/survey and take our Caregiver Experience Survey to help us make sure we're on track... thanks.

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    Hey Rachel, I like the overall market and concept, pop me a message on LinkedIn from my bio if you wanted a chat

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    All the best, love what you are doing.

    As a side note, this is probably one of the best posts on "Finding a co-founder" since it gives a lot of context, work you have done and just general feeling where you are going.

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      Thank you for the positive feedback and encouraging words.

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    What technology are you using now?

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      None... still early design and sorting through the options.

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    This sounds like a great opportunity to be part of an impactful project with a positive focused co-founder. Best of luck to you in your search for a cofounder & the project itself.

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      Thank you so much, @rab, for the kind words! I appreciate it (and will take all the good luck I can get). :)

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    Great idea, I have had similar experience and I would say this would definitely help a lot of people, can see it applied to childcare as well ..

    I am a senior software engineer with a background working with multiple startups and big companies (like Apple) building products from the ground up. Also have had experience developing multiple sucessful projects and non-profits which included manging a team of tech/non-tech folks remotly and on-site.

    As for raising money, I have been involved in meetings with VCs before as part of my job in a startup, however, I was not driving the conversation.

    I like to believe that I have a (taste) in building beautiful products with intuitive user experience.

    However, I am from Dublin, Ireland ... not sure if that's a deal breaker for you or not ...

    let me know if you have an interest to discuss this further.

    Good luck.

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      Thank you for responding and for your good wishes! You sound great, and I appreciate the interest. For now, I think I'm going to try to find someone in my region, but would be happy to stay in touch.

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    This is a great idea. I have a disabled sibling. Wish you much success on your jouerney.

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      Thank you! My situation is a disabled sibling-in-law, so I'm right there with you. I really appreciate the encouragement, and if you are involved in the caregiving, or want to pass along the caregivingHQ.com link to whoever is, I'm gathering names for a waitlist and those will be the first to be notified when the app launches.

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    Fantastic for the less tech savvy people to organise the care of a loved one. I am currently caring for my mother alone, and can see I had other siblings, or freelance carers how your product would be a great way to have everyone on the same page / app. I'm sure with your credentials and drive the product will be successful. I am not a senior developer, and am now based in New Zealand, but I wish you every success. It will make the lives of our elderly that much more comfortable. All the best!

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      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Daniel, and actually my vision is for CaregivingHQ to also be a really valuable tool for solo caregivers to keep everything organized in one place. If you're interested in giving it a try once I launch, I'd love your feedback to know how to make it most useful in a situation like yours. If you're interested, please join the waitlist at caregivingHQ.com, or shoot me a message at rachel @ caregivingHQ.com and I'll make sure to loop back with you when it's ready.

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    Great idea!

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      Thank you!