Anyone want to do a weekly standup?

I've been working on Browserboard every single weekend for almost 2 months, and the site's been online for almost a year before that. It's not the right time to add a cofounder, but it's been getting pretty lonely just building things and deploying them. It would be great to have a weekly touch point with another indie hacker to hear about what you're doing and talk through our challenges.

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    Hello Steve, I share your same interest. I won't add a shameless plug here, but my project is on the space of IoT/Media aimed to B2B and got a big pre-client already. However I feel super lonely in the way and miss people to whom I can share challenges, technical ideas and so. I would be super happy to meet each other.

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    Yes - I’ve talked to a few people about getting a pod together. Send me an email and let’s connect!

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    Hey guys,

    To solve the above problem which is actually very common for many people out there, I would like to purpose a networking server for various industries. What do you guys think? Is it worth a try?

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    I'm up for it. I'm in the same boat and it's been tough going at it all alone recently. It would be great to have other Indiehackers to talk to. Feel free to hit me up on my email!

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    Microconf offers a mastermind matchmaking service (although it looks like they've raise their price). For a one time fee, they'll pair you with a couple of other founders.

    I meet with a couple of guys every other wee. We hold each other accountable and work through our struggles.

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    Hi there. I've built https://insighttribe.co/ before while freelancing. I just finished up my latest freelance project & decided to get off freelancing for a few months to learn new tools, improve my English & maybe start a new side project.

    Would love to spend some time talking with other indie hackers.

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