Anyone with blockchain/bitcoin dev experience?

I'm currently trying to find a developer has both an interest in blockchain and has experience with dev work in the field. So far I'm finding plenty of people who list 'blockchain' as an interest but have no actual experience with it.

Curious to know if anyone in IH has both? This is regarding a pretty big project with ex-Google and ex-Bloomberg on the team, specifically focusing on NFTs.

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    Hey Marius,

    I'm building BlockSurvey on Stacks blockchain.

    You can look at hirevibes.io to find devs. Also if it is application-oriented rather than a protocol, go for devs having experiencing building apps. That should help.

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    I like your idea. I wish I had more experience with blockchain and could help you. This topic is trendy now, and many good specialists are working on blockchain development, so it won't be tough to find a developer for you. You can post your ad on more popular resources. In any case, I think your project is promising, and I wish you good luck.
    I want to do more careful studying of cryptocurrency and NFT https://bitcoinbuy101.com/ and try my capabilities a little bit in another direction, more to the side of investment but not to development.

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    Hi Marius, I work with NFT projects daily and have written a bunch of guides on creating smart contracts and apps that interact with NFTs. See the following:

    Happy to try to answer any questions you have. Feel free to email me.

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      Hey Justin, thank you for the reply.

      These guides look incredible! Perfect, I'll drop you an email.

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