API requests monitoring

I'm a backend developer and spend a lot of my time solving outbound API requests.

My problem with making requests is that you need to check the rate of the calls in order not to get blocked because of exuding the limit rate/number of calls allowed or be overcharged.
Not only that but even a wall balance service can change its response creating bug.

Am I missing something, are there solutions I didn't find and if not then way?

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    We need more details to your issue. Are you scraping? Is this related to users on your site?

    Well defined practices are put in place for handling API calls for various reasons. Yes, you need to read documentation for the specific API to understand constraints, choose approach based on needs .

    There are techniques (algorithms) that relate to certain approaches. If you simply don't want to go over some "max" number of calls, you can implement limits.

    I don't know if this helps but maybe you can better explain

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      No I'm not scraping anything ,
      For your next point build algorithms takes time and money.

      I'm proposing something like a BaaS (backend as a service) solution.

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