October 9, 2019

App hosting forecasting?

How do I forecast the amount of hosting space a mobile app would need for a MVP and moving pass the MVP? It's my goal to price this out for a potential funder.

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    Okay this make sense.

    That is a great idea for an app. Did you create cyprssio.io?

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      No, not at all. Just a happy user :)

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    It depends heavily on your cloud provider's rates and data access patterns. Cloud provider's generally charge a per GB rate of data stored and then bandwidth rates for data transfer. You'll need to estimate how much data a typical user would generate, how often they would access it, and then do the math using the rates of your cloud provider.

    This gives me a great idea for an app! There could be an agent that visits a site, or a directed ui script (like cypress.io) that mimics user behavior, then pulls metrics from your cloud provider for the amount of data stored. Then plug that data into a formula to forecast what costs would be. It could then be adjustable to predict if you grew X% next month what would the costs be.