App pricing question

As of right now, we have 5,299 current active trials according to Trialy.io. We're seeing a handful of users upgrade now instead of waiting for their trial to expire. It's only about 5-10 per day so it's a pretty small number. And our technical issues (the app has some number of crashes) are helping stall our traction.

I'm still torn over what to try to charge. $.99 sounds right given the app has only been out 4.5 months but if we're going to get a small volume of orders anyway, I think it would be better to try and charge more because we need fewer customers to hit slightly higher numbers.

What should you charge for a relatively new app with IAP and a trial workflow?

What should you charge for a new Android app?
  1. .99
  2. 1.99
  3. 2.99
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    I think it's really difficult to say what you should charge when it's not clear what your app is doing.

    The app-agnostic way would be simply to test and figure it out that way.

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      True, it's too early. That's why my inclination is to leave it $.99 and test the market at the lowest barrier to entry. I feel that gives us a better baseline than if we priced it at $2.99. Especially since it's such a new app.

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    Out of curiosity, what has your experience been with Trialy.io? Why are you using it instead of rolling your own?

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      We're using it because our developers said it would take a lot more time to roll our own.

      The real problem we encountered that was completely unanticipated by me was that the developer working on our project had no experience with IAP. He was able to code it and get it working perfectly in Studio but when he tried to roll it out to our Internet Testing group in the Google Play Console, he couldn't get it working the way it was planned or in the timeframe I thought. So, we had to go with a plan B but plan B would've been fine for me the entire time because it means we could've launched this mid-December.

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        Interesting to hear! I'm thinking if I should build something similar to Trialy but for a different target audience. :)

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          For web apps instead of mobile apps?

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