App Stack MerchMixer Used to Hit $5K MRR With Our Shopify Dropshipping App

As a bootstrapped company MerchMixer must leverage additional tech in our app stack to drive more results with less. The apps I'm going to highlight are on the sales, marketing, and ops side since that is my focus.


  • Pipedrive (CRM)
  • Mixmax (Email Automation)
  • Upwork (VA's for SDR work and Web Scrapping)
  • TextExpander (Email, Social, and Form Fill Automation)
  • WhatRuns (Lead Data)
  • Hunter (Lead Data)


  • Hootsuite (SMM)
  • Google Adwords (SEM)
  • Shopify Paid Ads (ASO)


  • Asana (Project, Team, and Meeting Mgmt)
  • CloudApp (Employee Training and Comms)
  • Slack (Comms)


  • Databox (Dashboards)
  • Stripe (Payments)
  • Mixpanel (UX)


  • Intercom (Help Center and Live Chat)
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