Slack October 24, 2020

Approved and listed on the Slack App Directory!

Mirvise @Mirv

Hey Slack family,

We have been going back and forth with Slack for the past week and we are officially approved and listed on the Slack App Store! Woo hoo!

I found the review process a bit odd as they told us to edit copy in our long description that felt subjective e.g. told us to remove superlatives like 'simplest' and 'easiest', and told us to write things that other apps in our category don't have. Was odd..but we are through!

Beyond being on the platform and getting (hopefully) some traffic, can't wait for that Do Follow backlink to register and help our SEO cause.

We are really excited and now we make our plan to launch on Product Hunt next week! So excited to officially ship our first product!!

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    Awesome @Mirv congrats! How long did it take you to get reviewed? It's seeming to take quite a while these days for me.

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      Thanks! This is our first review and I would say it took them 1.5 weeks to just start testing our bot and the last 3-4 days we have been going back and forth and making the changes they requested.

      All together , it took us 2 weeks exactly from submission to approval .

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        Ah cool, thanks for the info! When I first listed on the Slack App Directory we were seeing more like 2 day turnaround and I submitted again recently and it's been waiting for a week so far. Sounds like it shouldn't be too much longer which is good. It does seem like they are being more thorough/strict these days.

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          Yeah definitely got that sense, and I think it’s catching on too I.e a lot of people are building and submitting apps

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