Has anyone here tried Appsumo? Looking to hear about your experiences!

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    We have listed our product Notesally(https://appsumo.com/products/notesally/) in AppSumo on Dec 28th 2021. We have made the decision to introduce Notesally to the appsumo community in order to get some initial traction and get some feedback from early adopters. So far we have had none but we are hopeful and positive that we will get atleast one user

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    @VoiceformPhil, if you're looking for some benchmarks, to get an idea if Appsumo can work for you, I've got something crazy helpful ...

    I'm a marketer and I was working with a couple of startups that wanted to be listed on AS, but I had to business data to actually build a case or a go-to-market strategy

    so I've analyzed over 650 Appsumo deals and forecasted their sales starting from over 25 deals for which I had their true revenue numbers (from the founders)

    you can get it at https://thebootstrappedway.com/#appsumo-breakdown

    if you're really interested in this topic I can also provide a discount

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    I'm listing my digital product on AppSumo, The Job Indecision Calculator (https://jobindecision.xyz) and it should hopefully be live tomorrow. I'll drop a link when it's up and do a write-up about it after it's done.

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      Okay, sweet! Looking forward to it :)

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        If went live yesterday here:


        So far I’ve gotten 0 sales. I didn’t expect to kill it but thought I’d at least make 1 by now.

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          Interesting, I wonder why. Hope you get some sales this coming week!

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            The drought has been broken today with my first sale!

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                It’s gone better to date after a really slow start.

                My first product is up to 22 sales and $180 and my second product is up to 3 sales and $89.

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