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Are emotions a problem in crypto long-term investing? Our solution.

We think the crypto prices volatility is the key problem in long-term investing in crypto.

We created a project that's already on mainnet - https://freeze.capital/. We are launching a platform that will allow for implementing long-term investment strategies in crypto investing.

We found crypto price volatility to be the main concern for crypto investors. Price swings can be huge, and make people sell based solely on emotions when asset prices become extremely volatile. These decisions are rarely the good ones from the long-term perspective.

This is why we created https://freeze.capital/ which is our pre-emptive tool for a broader long-term investing platform - that we plan to develop.

Please share your thoughts on the problem and if our solution addresses it correctly.

Feel free to test it - as mentioned, the contract is already public on mainnet.

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    I'm interested in this subject, so here are two things:

    1. How do you plan to make money from this?
    2. Why do you think someone will freeze their coins when you could do it with staking /options/futures and earn additional interest?
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