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Are other Indie Hackers dissatisfied with all those meetings since we started working from home?

Hello everyone 👋️,

I hope all of you are healthy and safe during those times :) I work at an agency where we join customers for their projects which are mostly done using Scrum. And everyone that knows Scrum, knows that there is quite an amount of meetings. For example our daily takes around ~30 mins, but I feel like it could just be 15mins and I would get the same amount of information out of it. But I also feel like people don't feel obligated to give that feedback to the organizer of the meeting to not hurt them.

My idea is that there is a tool which asks users for feedback after certain meetings and allows them to submit it anonymously. The organizer is then able to analyze the feedback and the answers in a nice-looking dashboard.

What do you think? Do you feel the same about meetings? Do you think this product has a market fit?


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    Hey Tim,

    I am just done with an exhausting Scrum daily right now and I am totally with you. I am not anti-meeting in general. But I think lots of meetings are rubbish and shouldn't have been scheduled in the first place. Nonetheless, providing the organizer with feedback about how helpful and interesting the meeting was may help to change it for the better.

    What I really like is your idea of automated, anonymous feedback. Meetings are often scheduled by your management and, although you should feel as comfortable as just giving the feedback in person, it is often not the case.


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