Are templates common practice?

Hi IH!

So I started to learn web development about a week ago and I'm really enjoying it! Currently making my way through a course on Udemy.

I've been building a personal blog and have noticed how much effort it takes to get everything right. Of course, this will only become easier as I advance.

I keep seeing new websites being launched with slick designs which got me thinking. Are the majority of these templates, or are they built from scratch?

As I progress, I'd like to start building sites/products myself and keen to cut down development time where possible!

  1. Good sites for templates?
  2. Are they easy to integrate?
  3. Is this good practice?

Note: I'm not planning to use any website builders, yet.

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    Slick websites can be either based on a template and then customized by a designer, or they can be designed from scratch in a design tool like Figma and then implemented with code which can be very costly.
    Using templates is very common, to save time and money. Themeforest, which is the largest templates market in the world is making millions every month selling templates.

    1-Good sites for templates?
    Templates are usually built using a specific tech stack, so which one to buy depends on what tool you already know or willing to learn : Bootstrap, wordpress, ghost, etc
    This one is great for marketing websites : https://themes.getbootstrap.com/
    the quality of the templates is checked by the bootstrap team themselves. But I don't think they come with a functioning blog. If you want a blog, I'd recommend buying a WordPress or ghost theme.

    2-Are they easy to integrate?
    that's the tricky thing about buying templates, quality and ease of use varies from seller to seller.

    3- it's not a bad practice, as long as the templates fullfil your needs (easy to edit/extend now and in the future, performant, nice design, nice UX, etc)

    Also, even though templates does save time you still have to learn how to get around it and use it.

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      What a response! thanks so much for that.

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    I sell templates at

    This is good practices if you are in a rush, otherwise you can put up a decent site in a weekend, or a couple of hours...

    ...only if you know the message you want to give and your design skills are good.

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      Nice site!

      Thank you.

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        Thank you and You welcome Liam !

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