Are there any conservatives, libertarians or classical liberals on Indie Hackers? (asking for a friend)

This may very well be my last post before I'm shadow banned 😂

I'm in the midst of starting a newsletter for conservatives/libertarians/classical liberals OR anyone interested in hearing a different point of view from what we are used to consuming in tech and, well, anywhere these days.

I feel nervous just writing this post—that's likely an indication that we need a little diversity of thought.

What do you think? Would you read a weekly newsletter that highlights topical news/culture through the lens of a conservative? Comment below, let me know.

What do you identify as?
  1. Liberal
  2. Conservative
  3. Classic Liberal
  4. Libertarian
  5. Independant
  6. None of the above
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    Yeah, I'm independent/conservative. I actually think the "conservative" market is underutilized for the exact same reason you're afraid to post this question.
    Go to Facebook Audience insights and take a look at that demographic. They're older, higher earning, and higher engaged than the typical Facebook audience. So yeah - start the newsletter. You'll have a very good audience. If you grow, ping me and I'll connect you with some potential advertisers for that audience.

    1. 1

      @RSB1 I genuinely appreciate you replying, Roman! I'll definitely take you up on the offer once I gain some traction 🤞

      I agree it feels underutilized when I see some of the brands (or lack there of) advertising on the usual conservative outlets.

      I whipped up a first issue this morning - would you be open to reading it?

      1. 2

        Agreed. I'm launching a jewelry brand geared towards that audience. I think there are a lot of opportunities.

        100% open to reading and giving you my thoughts. I recently started a newsletter (The Business Inquirer) so I'm happy to give you whatever tips/tricks I picked up along the way.

        1. 1

          Amazing, I appreciate it! All ears to feedback.

          Would love to swap notes on our newsletter learnings, too.

          Mines called "B(right) morning".. whipped up a substack and you can read the first issue here: thebrightmorning.com

          1. 2

            Signed up and read the first issue. I like it a lot. Purely from a writing perspective - it reads very well. I do feel like it would benefit from some more graphics or just something more visuals. I would also think about breaking out the content into a few sections. Maybe create sections like: latest news, snippets, WTF, etc.

            I do mine on Substack as well but actively looking to switch to some other platform.

            1. 1

              Great feedback - much appreciated. I agree, it may be a little meaty and could be broken up a tad.

              Curious why you're looking to switch away from Substack? I literally have no dog in the fight, it was just the first option that came to mind when I thought of doing this.

              1. 1

                Substack is great when just starting out. It's just the easiest way to begin. Having said that, the editing options are terrible. Can't underline, no font choice, extremely gimmicky editor, no control of landing page, no templates, and many other reasons. I think Substack is good for starting but once you build an audience, it's best to move on to your own domain. Better SEO, more monetization options, etc.

                1. 1

                  That makes sense! SEO was one of my long term worries. I guess it'll work for now, but I'll take that into account.

                  Thanks again! Looking forward to staying connected.

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