Developers January 25, 2020

Are there any free tools to monitor website performance?

Arrigo Lupori @Arrigo

Are there any free or relatively inexpensive tools out there to help with tracking website speed and performance on specific pages?

I don't want to have reports on the entire website... I'd like to have, say, a weekly report on business pages (home, pricing, about, etc.) and a weekly report on blog pages.

Right now I'm using the famous three:

  1. Lighthouse
  2. GT Metrix
  3. Pingdom

Any way that I can aggregate data from these?

I'm currently in the process of fully optimizing the website for speed and I'm noticing that monitoring and keeping track of it all is a tedious task.


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    Hi Arrigo, is the leading synthetic monitoring tool

    Google has a tool to check AMP compliance if you want to do that (

    Google Analytics has Real User Monitoring

    Google also has

    Elasticsearch + Kibana now includes APM (application performance monitoring), SIEM and Uptime (similar to pingdom) and it's free if you host it yourself

    And the leading aggregator to pull everything you want into one place is

    I wrote a 4-part blog piece on web perfomance optimization and monitoring which might help:

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      Hey Alex, thanks for the answer! looks awesome and I’ll definitely try it out when I’ll become more comfortable with handling server-side applications. I’ve saved your article to my Pocket, I’ll read it this week. Yeah, WebPageTest looks like a good one to integrate with other tools, I’ll check it out as well. Thank you again!

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    Jmeter and Gatling are quite popular, I believe. I'm no expert though.

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      Thanks Rosie! I checked them out but they might be a bit too technical for me at the moment 😬 Still interesting though, I’ll keep an eye out on them!