March 27, 2019

Are there any good tools for managing pricing/promos/features/trials for tiers for SaaS products?

Josh Gachnang @Joshgachnang

At my last startup, this was a constant pain point. We had a bunch of different trials going for different lengths and feature sets, we were constantly experimenting with different pricing models, etc. Managing what features were available for each user in the apps/website got more and more challenging as it went on. A quick Google search didn't yield any tools to make this easier. Some integration with Stripe would be awesome too (to handle when someone's subscription lapses or something). Maybe something like LaunchDarkly would get me halfway there, but I'm looking for other options!

Thanks :)

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    You're probably looking for something called "subscription management." Try looking up products like Recurly, Chargify or Chargebee.

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      Oh thank you! Maybe these get me halfway there. As far as I can tell from glancing at their SDKs, they don't handle things like deciding "should I show this user this feature/should I allow this action" based on their plan, which was one of my big pain points.

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        Oh, I see. That sounds more like something that should be handled by your application's internal business logic, then.